FP5 doesnt seem to turn OLED pixels off when displaying a black image/video

I still get light bleeding with DC Dimming on unfortunately

Just checking, but you do test with a fully black image in full screen? You probably do, just making sure.

Yes, making a black image with an RGB value of 0,0,0, DC Dimming turned off and screen display settings/colour correction set to default perimeters, I still get a bleed of light, like the pixels can’t seem to turn themselves off fully. What’s funny is now ive been using this phone for around 1 and a bit months, I can start to see my status bar icons begin to burn in on what is supposed to be a fully black screen.

I dont know, maybe I’ll reach out to Customer support later down the line and try for a replacement screen, I dont use the AOD so it isn’t draining battery and its only majorly noticeable at night so for me its nothing major, just an annoyance that, for my personal use, doesnt require a screen replacement.

I see it now too, with the brightness at 100% with a black image in Google Photos. With DC Dimming off the blacklight bleeding happens with low brightness already, but when turned on it is deep dark black. So there is some difference, just not with high brightness :frowning:

I did the same test with my Pixel 3 as well, but on that phone the display is pure black with 100% brightness. I use on both phones Google Photos to display the image.

However, when I reboot my phone into the recovery mode (turn off the phone, and then long press the volume up button and power button at the same time untill you see the recovery menu), then I do see a pure black screen with high brightness. So I think the display is just fine. But there is something odd about it in the software. I also messed with the color profiles in the display settings, but that doesn’t seem to have an effect.

So TL;DR, I think it’s a software issue since the display can show deep black with 100% brightness. You can also see it partially when you pull down the notification bar twice. But of course it’s not total dark, but you should see that it can have this deep dark contrast.

In the My Fairphone app you can also do a display test, but it doesn’t go full black, the notification bar is still visible. But no backlight bleeding in the black areas.


I also tested it now. With DC-dimming on or off and color profile “neutral” I can actually see light in completely dark room with this picture → https://www.solidbackgrounds.com/images/5120x2880/5120x2880-black-solid-color-background.jpg

It doesn’t really affect me at all, but I do still hope this is an easy fix!

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What fix are you referring to exactly? Or do you mean that you hope a fix becomes available?

I hope that they just accidentally messed up the black level, that they communicate to the screen, similarly to how TVs sometimes work on limited range signals. If that is the case, they can do a simple firmware update to fix this issue.


Holy smokes it may actually be a software fault, I also tried android recovery mode and the black background was proper OLED black, no light bleeding whatsoever. I also noticed when booting the phone, the default android boot screen ALSO is properly OLED black, but as soon as fairphone splash screen plays with the 4 spinning dots, the black begins to have the light bleeding through.

This is, in my books, great news! As it may now just need a small patch to fix, and not a brand new display. I will contact customer support about this, I encourage others to do so if they are also having this issue.


Do what? Everyone should contact customer support?

Pretty much. If you have this issue - and especially if it’s important to you - then please open a ticket with them. It’ll help them to see what people care about and which problems exist in the “real world” in the first place. They might also update priorities if they get more reports.

No! This bug is officially listed here:

It’s categorized as “medium impact” which is the highest priority at the moment. So please let the support do their work and don’t bother them with unnecessary complaints.

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This is just a user list nothing official, please contact support

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That’s a community maintained list of issues. FP support uses their incoming tickets to prioritize issues. So yes, the way to flag issues and get them fixed is to open tickets (not just by one person, but by everyone).


I have exactly the same issue when using a black wallpaper. The top part of the screen shows a glare like light bleed that sometimes happen with LCD screens or with some kind of Oled screens (with some back lighting)

I tried several things as mentioned below but non of them solve the issue. I keep on getting a gray shade like light bleed at the top of the screen. Some speek about AOD but I even don’t have that option on my unit. With the “extra dim” function it is slightly better but that does not stay on. Only a few seconds and then it switches off again.

So you are not talking about a Fairphone 5?

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Hello everyone,

I’m wondering if anyone else got this problem. Even when on the lowest screen brightness, when the screen is black, there is visible light emitting from the top left of the screen. Almost like a backlight bleed on a LED screen. If I turn up the brightness, it gets even worse, first along the left side, and if I turn it up fully, then I can see the whole screen illuminated slightly. It was very weird for me, as I thought OLEDs does not emit light when they are totally black.
Of course this is only really visible in a very poorly lit room, because the “bleed” is very minor. But I still noticed it during normal usage at night.
Is the FP5 OLED display just this poor quality or did I just have bad luck with mine?

Thanks in advance for your replies

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Thanks a lot and sorry for double posting! It would help others after me to find this thread more easily by adding the “screen” and/or “hardwareissues” tags.

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I find the search tool pretty efficient. A search for “FP5 OLED” brings up this current topic in second place, and your own new one in fourth.

But I see that the tags have been added too, thanks Yvonne!

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