Operator name cut off in the lock screen

Since you’re talking about missing spaces: Do you have the operator name cut off in the lock screen like it is visible in this photo (not my phone)?

I do have this, too, but a screenshot doesn’t show this properly because it doesn’t really have the rounded edges. But if you watch this screenshot on an FP5 in fullscreen mode you’ll see the first letter disappear in the edge:

Fairphone support asked me to try a factory reset and added that this would be necessary anyway if the phone would have to be sent to the repair center… I’m pretty sure this is a simple cosmetic bug, nothing for the repair center. Looks like the software doesn’t know exactly where the rounded corners kick in.

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Same problem on my Fp5. The operator name is randomly displayed correctly, but most of the time it gets cut out.

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if you don’t need always visible operator name in left of status bar, then:
(still is show in right before NFC/Network icons, when double pull down Notification)

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I have the same issue, on a Fairphone 5 and also with “o2-de” as provider name.

Pretty sure it only happens on a locked device, and the string is moved right a couple of pixels on the launcher/unlocked phone.

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Thats for the homescreen not lockscreen

you right :slight_smile:
btw: is strange i not have problem with cut off on lock screen with much longer “T-Mobile CZ” :slight_smile: