Tap to wake setting disabled through reboot

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Can confirm for tap to wake setting, which is disabled after each reboot

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This is not reset for me after reboot, still configured.

So you have always in display configured on or off?

AoD is off to save battery

In my case “tap to wake” is also reset to “disabled” after each restart. It happens when AoD is on or off.

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for me, “tap to wake” keep enabled after reboot

@Volker @yvmuell - are any other settings reset, or just this one?

The OP reported about other settings, I havent noticed anything else however I dont check all settings after a reboot. Lift to wake is def not disbaled. Thats why the titel is about tap to wake only at the moment


As already mentioned by @yvmuell I also haven’t noticed anything else. But obviously can’t be sure…


Bei mir ist das auch so. Dieser Button wird immer wieder zurückgesetzt. Allerdings funktioniert es bei mir trotzdem. Ich muss nur nach zweimal klopfen noch kurz den Fingerabdrucksensor berühren, dann funktioniert das perfekt.

I 've noticed that when I reboot the phone, the tap to wake function is automatically turned off.

Should be solved by


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