Fairphone 5 (lots of) bugs

What types of bugs are you experiencing with your FP5?
Unfortunately, there are a lot of them:

the double tap to wake up doesn’t work with the always on display enabled;
the voice call on 4G network has no audio;
every now and then the camera does not save the photos taken;
the phone shows a massive battery drain;
several times a day some settings are lost, in particular those regarding the display.


Hi and welcome,

  1. yes thats observed by others as well already
  2. which provider in which country
  3. could you please provide more details: do you use the stock camera app, do you use a SD card and how is it formatted. I took several pictures and didnt notice this so far
  4. for battery: what is massive drain? Have you AoD enabled, have you 5G enabled? with or without using it?
  5. did not observe so far, which settings in particular?
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I don’t use the AOD but I cannot confirm the other items that I’ve tried so far. I think if we really want to collect the individual bugs then we should do that in a more systematic way, maybe a thread per issue with exact details, for instance which network in the case of call issues, and exact steps to reproduce the issue. Then a list of issues could link to these individual threads.


I generally agree and this is difficult, as this would mean that someone has to do this for users that are new , do not know or whatever and thats time consuming up to impossible.

For double tap to wake, I opened a seperate topic, so to discus this, please follow-up in the other topic

  1. Wind Tre in Italy
  2. stock camera, sd card, don’t know how it’s formatted
  3. AoD enabled, 5G disabled. Battery empty in about 20 h of use without games, videos, music, gps navigation, etc
  4. setting like display attenuation, vpn and others
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  1. Are you sure it’s not saving them? I noticed the stock app has trouble reviewing a photo immediately after it’s taken if you try to open it too soon, but it does get saved anyway. I switched to a different app for viewing (Simple Gallery Pro from F-Droid) and that issue seems to be gone. I’ll also note that the stock review displayed lacked some filtering so the photo looked different than when opened afterwards via gallery.
  2. To narrow down, I would try disabling AoD. It sounds like the kind of feature that could cause plenty of battery drain. And by the way I don’t use AoD, double tap to wake is still unreliable.
  3. I’ve also noticd double tap to wake get disabled after restarting the phone. Also, I had to re-grant F-Droid the permission to install apps at least once…

I would advise to report this to fairphone support. Information under contactsupport

opened a separate topic, please follow-up there.

post a screenshot if formatted as internal extension it looks like this.

How about we make your first post in this thread a wiki post with a tabular overview of FP5 issues we have observed or otherwise know of and potentially links to respective discussion threads if relevant. The title of this thread is alreaddy quite fitting.

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I also use Simple Gallery Pro.
Another bug is that it’s not possible to see image preview from stock camera app (see screenshot).
I’m very disappointed…

It would be really good to know how you use your SD card. Have you defined the SD card as storage location for the pictures? I cant reproduce your issues. Using stock cam app with simple Gallery all pictures are saved and I can see the preview in the cam app. I dont use a SD card.


In problem for connect mi fair phone in car Bluetooth used android auto mi smartphone crash ed and restart in test used only bluetooth mode and same :pleading_face: no idea for this problem smartwatch and eraphone or anoteher bluetooth note have this problem plus this problem Is same in 3diferent car radio

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Yes, I use sd as location for pictures.
You’re right: setting internal memory instead, no bug!

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Another setting that gets cleared every day is permission to appear above other apps…

It is usually advised not to install your SD card as internal storage, but as external storage.
On several occasions, people have run into problems with the SD card installed as internal sotrage and lost all their data on the SD card.

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I don’t know where to find this setting

Outdated instructions

If you launch the FILES app, you should see both “FP5” and your SD card in the left side bar (triggered by tapping on the top-left corner “hamburger” icon consisting of three horizontal bars). If your SD card is formatted as external (“portable storage”), you should see the EJECT symbol next to it like here (from an FP3, my SD card labeled “SDXC200”):

If your SD card is formatted as internal (“phone storage”), I cannot really say what would be displayed in the same place. The SD card might not be listed in this place at all, or it might show, but without the EJECT symbol.

See Lidwien’s reply for up-to-date instructions.


I don’t have this layout in Files app.
Can you link me this app on Play Store/Fdroid?

When you selected the SD card storage for pictures in the camera app then it is def not formatted as internal storage extension.

And from that understand its the case

If you dont find the files app, maybe you use another one as well you can check in the settings as discussed in the topic I linked above

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Do you get an error message if you tap on the preview field in the FPOS stock camera app? On my FP4 (without an SD card) it says ‘Google Photos disabled, please enable it first’:

I also use Simple Gallery for my images. Maybe the integration of the stock camera app with Google Photos is the issue on your FP5 as well.

This is different on FP4 and FP5 on FP5 you can use a third party gallery without issues, and its working perfectly fine for me

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