Software Update: FP5.TT3Y.A.127.20231122

Security patch level: 5 November 2023.
Update size: 96.00 MB

Apart from other things, this update addresses double tap to wake issues.

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@moderators feel free to merge etc. I thought this shouldn’t be German-only.


Thanks Urs the German Topic isnt that useful and isnt a duplicate in my eyes.

Awesome and impressive list of improvements! :tada:


One possible improvement that I noticed, which is not mentioned in the list:

I have enabled the battery saver (limit charge to 80%)
Before this update, the FP5 stopped taking current (<0.001 mA) once it reached 80%. But when the battery dropped to 79% it charged again, etc.
Now with this update, it still seems to be drawing current after reaching 80%, something between 10 mA and 800 mA, depending on what I’m doing. I think it is taking the power entirely from the charger instead of the battery, which would be better for battery life.


Maybe off topic but how long will it take to find the update on the download page (link below) to flash it manually?

btw: nice changelog. Thank you for your effors!!

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on link is not updated, but file is already present:

EDIT: this ^^ is official link, as on download page for v112, i only change TT3P to TT3Y :wink:


this is for Telekom

Thank you for implementing the fingerprint unlock change that people have been asking for!
However, I think it missed the mark with its behaviour.
People took issue with the phone unlocking, if their finger touched the sensor. Or just grazed it well enough to get a good read.
But now the issue is that pressing the button to wake the phone, wont immediately start reading your finger. I need to lift it, and put it back on the sensor to unlock the phone.
Please make it so that I have to actually press the button to unlock the phone, and it should read my finger while I’m pressing it.
This update just made it from not quite right, to a different kind of not quite right. Though I will keep it enabled regardless, because at least it wont unlock prematurely, if I’m just grasping my phone in my pocket.

What was asked for is how it is on the FP4 and this is exactly what was introduced

What you describe is how it works on Iphones. If you want it that way, please contact support here your are not adressing Fairphone with “you” and only other user.


I actually like it how it is now. Now I can turn on the lock screen without immediately unlocking it.


Just installed this new update and got a bootloop! Now after half an hour its working again. I hope this wont happen again :fearful:

Can you confirm that there is (still?) the following bug?
The option “factory reset after 15 unsuccessful login attempts” (translated that by myself) is always active, deactivating it has no effect.

I see this option, I have never touched it until now but it is disabled. Of course I didn’t try out now if it really wouldn’t do a factory reset after 15 unsuccessful unlock attempts…

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First time I hear about this, did you mention it before and more important did you contact support?

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