FP5 Fingerprint Sensor - further customization needed?

Continuing the discussion from Instant fingerprint unlock is the default and no way to disable it:

So after the update and you have set the new toggle reg the fingerprint behaviour to off, i.e. when you touch the sensor it should not unlock, however because of the movement to put it back in the pocket, lift to wake is activating/showing the lock screen and therefore the fingerprint reader is active and unlocking when you touch it? Just to ensure I understand you correctly.

For me lift to wake in general is too sensitive so I have it turned off, will see if I can enable it today and test it.

This would bring us probably to this request

Currently tap to wake is also no perfect alternative to circumvent this

Overall a new topic I think, what I opened now for further discussion.

@all who see issues, please contactsupport


In my experience the use of a flip case is ideal. Only the proximity sensor is necessary to turn the phone on and off, and the fprint sensor can be set to not function when the phone is turned off.

To judge from users’ experience recounted in the forum, the less use is made of the power button (for turning on and off), the better.

Thanks to the power menu access in the notifications pane, I now only use mine to actually turn the phone on, and that’s rare, since I hardly ever turn it off.

Thanks; yes, that is correct. Sorry for the delay in checking back in.
My experience, at least, is that Lift to Wake kicks in, and then the the system automatically checks for a fingerprint there. Because I first set it to use the finger that most conveniently finds that button, it very frequently unlocks accidentally.

Another solution is just to be more selective in which fingerprints are used, which is a partial solution. That makes the gesture more awkward, though, and I still get incorrect scans from the finger that isn’t registered, potentially triggering it to require the code again.

As I think I said in my original comment, it isn’t a huge deal, and I would have been content with the phone without a fingerprint scan feature at all. The fact that it is there and potentially problematic, though, makes the phone design feel a bit more messy.

You can achieve this simply by deleting your registered fingerprints. If no fingers are registered then the sensor will not work.

However, you may find that certain higher-security apps (notably banking) require the use of the sensor.

Yes, disabling it entirely is the next step, if it does end up being more frustrating than it is worth.
What seems like a simple solution, in my mind at least, would be an option to only have it scan when the button is actually pressed. Maybe there’s extra problems there that aren’t clear from where I’m sitting, though.

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