FP5 Tap to wake wakes up phone in pocket

Concerning battery life I have the feeling that tap to wake also activates in my pocket. It happens too often that I fish my phone from my pocket and the screen is on, with … (a whole row of dots) as if a child has been trying to unlock my pin code. I’ve turned off tap to wake for now…

Lift to wake it turned off as I would rather wonder if this is the reason?

I never turned that one on. I’ll experiment now with tap to unlock off, but I’m fairly sure that that was it.
(EDIT - I’ve experimented further and made a bug report. I didn’t have any wakes with tap to wake ‘off’, and multiple wakes with tap to wake ‘on’, while walking around with my phone in my pocket. It can als be more or less reproduced by leaving the phone flat on your desk, cover the top with your hand and it won’t wake on a double tap, lift your hand 1 cm and it will wake on a double tap. The proximity sensor is probably set a little too sharp, if 1cm of gap is enough for the screen to wake)

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I created a new topic for this and tried to reproduce and for me it does not happen (edit: at least it would need more to waken the screen and open the pin pad than cloth touching the screen. I have the phone often in the leg pocket of my outdoor trousers, so far it did not happen to me, will observe the next days. )

Have you checked the hardwaretest for the sensor?

I can use my screen with my finger through a few layers of cloth, so I guess my leg would do the same. There’s just one thin layer of cloth between the phone and my leg, and the trousers are not very tight which means the phone is a bit loose in my pocket. Seems like the perfect recipe for a malfunction of the tap to wake.

The proximity sensor seems to work fine (near/far).

There’s one possible alternative that I see: that the screen wakes because of a notification and then my leg causes it to keep awake (rather than my leg causes ‘tap to wake’).

The thing is, with my FP3 I never had this and it also caused the screen to wake for notifications.

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Thats actually an issue reported for the FP4 which does not have tap to wake

And its no bug

I noticed exactly the same and turned Tap to wake Off again. No issues since.

Pocket mode coming soon :wink:


Pocket mode should be available with todays update