Software Update: FP5.TT45.A.141.20240115

Software update: FP5, security patch level, January 5, 2024, 198 MB

exact build number: FP5.TT45.A.141.20240115

resolved issues:

  • phone reboot when phone was on certain 5G networks etc.
  • face recognition not being correctly disabled in lockdown mode being selected

just appeared on fairphone 5


There should have been more release notes, could anyone confirm by checking the settings please to update the respective topics?

Resolved issues

  • An issue that was causing the phone to reboot when 5G was enabled on certain networks has been resolved.
  • An issue that was causing the face recognition not to be correctly disabled when Lockdown Mode was selected has been resolved.

Other improvements

  • A color picker for wallpapers on the home-screen has been introduced.
  • A Pocket Mode, to protect you from accidental touches when the phone is in your pocket, has been introduced. You can find it in Settings > Display > Pocket Mode.
  • Some typos and/or unclear wordings have been fixed or improved.
  • Security patch level: 5th of January, 2024

there is but i was typing and summarizing manually

Nice! But so far I cannot download this one either :smiling_face_with_tear: Hopefully tomorrow.

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too bad, just a little bit after FP5 january 2024 update, google pixel now offering february 2024 update :unamused:

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Update went smoothly.

The same for me here in Bavaria Germany with Deutsche Telekom.

I’m still waiting, too. :frowning: Deutsche Telekom i really hope it will arrive today.
Edit: I now installed the Update with a Vodafone SIM. Telekom seems to be blocked at the moment.

We’ll always be behind the Pixel. They are at the source of the software and likely have a bigger team too.


Installed, works fine.

Network: Tre (Sweden)
Carrier: WiFog

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Sorry, last OTA Update was in November. I’m not able to download wether the December nor the January update. Don’t think it will be regulated by my provider, they don’t sell phones, just SIM. It’s HoT in Austria.

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Hey all,
the update should be available without restriction, so I reset the configuration because I understand there might have been a glitch (as some of you reported they could not download the update).

Let me know if you still cannot find the update from now on, and thank you for the feedback!


Hello @FrancescoSalvatore , thanks for following it up. I had no issues with any updates so far (Plus, Poland), but writing to let you know that the fairphone page listing all the updates is currently unavailable


Sorry, I have to tell you, that the update is not available without restrictions. Only if I put out the SIM card, the phone is able to get the update. Putting in the SIM card again, update is not available. This is a workaround if you not using eSIM.
Therefore I´m disappointed about these update policy.

I got it now, awesome! :tada:


It might take some time for the updater app to refresh the cache.
I would suggest you to reboot the device and try again, it should be already available without restrictions from at least this morning.

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Update installed. No problems. 5G in stable condition. In addition, after shutdown the phone I loaded up my accu to 100% just to have a full basis for the power drain value check. New feature with the pocket mode is obviously perfect for avoiding uncontrolled display actions.
Thank you, that all who were concerned did finally a good job.

I see a slight glitch with pocket mode. I use a soft key definition with Nova launcher to switch off my screen (so as to not have to press the physical power button). In pocket mode, screen goes dark for a short moment, and then lits up again, though locked. Pocket mode off, screen does dark and stays dark (as intended)

Thank you, just got this update without SIM card inside. Let’s see what will happen by the next update. :wink:

Got the update last night. Everything seems ok so far. Typing this from the desktop mode on my fairphone. It works with one of my usb-c docks but not my older other one. I’ll double check the old one works with my laptop still otherwise I’m loving it!