FP5 double tap to wake not always working

There’s a display setting that double tap should wake the screen (so you don’t have to use the power button). For @clarity this doesn’t seem to work reliably, for me it does.

AoD (Always On Display - in the phone it’s called ‘Always show time and info’) on the other hand is the setting that even when the phone is in sleep mode, you see time, date and some icons (shouldn’t drain too much battery because OLED but seems to drain quite a lot => logged as bug). I don’t see why double tapping shouldn’t wake that screen as well, but it sure doesn’t.

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To mix things even more, I can say that I don’t see any battery drain while using “Always show time and info”.


  1. I’ve been using FP5 only for three days now;
  2. I come from an FP3+ so to be more precise I should say that my FP5 doesn’t drain battery more than my three years old FP3+.


Could you post battery usage stats in the FP5 battery life thread, just so people have a reference?


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My experience with the “double tap to wake”. With AOD doesn’t work at all. Without AOD : if the smartphone is long time sleeping, it’s very very slow (2-3seconds), otherwise it’s responsive.


It’s the same for me. Usually after I double tap, it takes ~3 seconds to wake. If I try it immediately after turning the screen off, it works instantly.

(This is with battery saver on, haven’t tried it without)

I noticed a very similar behaviour. I also checked if a 60Hz or 90Hz refresh rate makes a difference, seems the same.

I had the the same unreliable behavior. Today i changed the refresh rate back to 60hz. Double tap now works like a charm. [AoD turned off]

With the same configuration as yours, the tap to wake functionality deactivates by itself after some hours :pensive:

I also turned “Pick up to wake” on. Maybe that does the trick?

Today, after the tap to wake functionality had completely disappeared, even after a reboot, I realised the option “tap to wake” had been changed to OFF.

So, beside the unreliability of that function there’s also the possibility that for some reason it gets disabled without the user knowing.


There is a topic for this

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Bei mir ist das auch so. Dieser Button wird immer wieder zurückgesetzt. Allerdings funktioniert es bei mir trotzdem. Ich muss nur nach zweimal klopfen noch kurz den Fingerabdrucksensor berühren, dann funktioniert das perfekt.
Damit kann man leben, denke ich.

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Have you set-up the fingerprint sensor to unlock, as this would mean you unlock the phone instead of just awaking the screen?

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Some improvement with AoD enabled: its now working, however you need to hold/touch the FP, i.e does not work when lying flat or in a car holder

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I got this response from FP support:

From a software perspective, we’ve implemented all necessary improvements to help increase the reliability of this feature. Unfortunately, we can’t implement any further improvements due to hardware limitations.

It’s not really working reliable yet, but apparently it won’t get better.

The only thing improved officially, was the issue that it was not working when AoD is enabled. If thats the best they can offer…btw the issue in the beta group is not closed so far.

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I observe the descibed behaviour even with AoD disabled: I need to touch any part of the FP5 with any part of my body while double-tapping to wake. Otherwise it will not show any reaction, e. g. when it is just lying on the table.

To make it work I need to touch either the frame or the back cover with a hand, finger, nose, elbow… I may pick whatever is connected to my body and is not covered by fabric. And the slightest, lightest touch is sufficient to make it work. My suspicion is that the secret is static charge, an issue we already discussed with the FP3.