Google Play system update stuck at February 2023

Continuing the discussion from Google Play system update stuck at February 2021:

The same issue is happening with the FP5. Reported to FP support and waiting for their reply.

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This is also logged on the official internal bug tracker too :+1:


Nice! Is that one public?

Don’t think that’s compatible.

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Well, internal is relative, you’re also not a FP employee :wink:

It’s the tracker used by beta testers. So no the tracker is not public but since there is a thread about the issue I wanted to note that it’s been logged by testers also (I logged that one myself)


That detail was missing. Thanks for sharing.

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it is the version inside the system. At user-level you have automatic updates (Google play)

I’m not sure what you’re trying to say, can you maybe rephrase that sentence?

Google play app updates and google play system updates are separate things.

Apps should update either automatically or manually as defined by the decisions made on a user account.

Google play system updates are sent to the device by Google to ensure critical system security related issues are resolved independent of the manufacturer - as that was an issue with manufacturers not pushing critical security updates to devices.

It’s also separate the android security update patch level.

Confused? Yes, it’s a bit of a mess but it’s google :smiley:

Hi uppercase
The screenshot shows the version of Google Play Services in the system memory (installed by Fairphone). These can be updated by Google. If you go to the Settings menu > Apps > Google Play Services, at the bottom there is the current version (should be currently 23.35.15 from September 15th, 2023?)

@llluuuzzziii - the issue is that doesn’t work. There are no updates beyond February on the FP5.

It’s an issue that we’ve made Fairphone aware of.

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Hi chris

you don’t have updates of Google Play Services as in my screenshot?

@llluuuzzziii - I don’t think you understand the issue.

You’re talking about app updates in Google play. This is not that. It’s related to security updates. You can find this by going to Settings > Security and you’ll see two options - System update and Google Play system update. It’s this that doesn’t work

It’s a known issue

Hi Chris
no!? :thinking::thinking::thinking:, its a different menu but same problem. details in this article:
Settings > Google > 3dot > Systemupdates > scroll down > read article > scroll down > you find all versionnumbers of included packages > check with versions at your phone > all the same!?
The incorrect numbers at menu is not a security issue. its “cosmetic”. (maybe the packages cant flash to system)

In the 3dot menu at

there’s only “system services update” and opening it you get the following page:

But neither “learn more” nor “release notes” shows IMHO actual data of the phone. So it’s at least not obvious here that the configured “Automatic system services updates” have really updated the Play system…

I think we can all agree that it needs to be fixed nonetheless :slight_smile:

A new “Google Play system update” was released today which brings the FP5 up to August 1st level.


Quickest fix ever on record on this forum :nerd_face:

I suspect that the FP5 wasn’t registered properly with Google hence why updates weren’t following through.

I noted that the update was absolutely when I woke up this morning :+1:

Fun fact, the same thing happened when the FP4 launched

Also brought along a new update for Google wallet, so I’ve now got the new layout in the app whoop!