Google Play system update stuck at February 2021

Hi, my Fairphone 4 is stuck at the Play System update of February 2021. I tried the following already, after each step I tried to update again:

  • Clear cache of settings and Google Play, reboot
  • Clear cache and data of Google play, reboot
  • All of the above and killed the Google Play app
  • Checking for updates with 4G and WiFi
  • Full factory reset

Still stuck at an old patch level. Anyone else having this issue?


Same here. I contacted support today about this and some other things. We’ll see what Fairphone can say about that issue.


How strange. Mines 1st Aug but even that must be out of date now?


Yes, mine is also stuck at 1 feb 2021 (FP4.FP3N.A.091.20211118).

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As a workaround you can install the most recent version from APKMirror

I just did this successfully on my phone. As far as I understand this website is legal and trustworthy. But keep in mind that sideloading apps is never without risk, so maybe you want to wait for an answer from support first.

Don’t do this, see answer from @Chris_R below!

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I would not suggest doing this. All the APK does is to update the date. It doesn’t install any components or update anything else. And I understand from the XDA forum you’ve got to use an adb command to uninstall it.

So beware!


I now have removed the app with adb. I now have version from February instead of August that I had before :frowning:

[Off-topic, as pointed out below, but I’m leaving it in case others make the same mistake :crazy_face: ]
This is a bit odd. I know there was an update circulating recently (Nov. 29?) because it solved the problem of the network provider’s name taking up valuable notification space. It was mentioned here

but as far as I know there was no official notice from Fairphone in the usual way. I’m beginning to wonder whether the update seen by some like Baptiste wasn’t just a trial run on some networks like we saw in France early November (for FP3 A10 3.A.0130).

This topic is about Google Play System Updates. You are talking about Android Security Updates.


What are the gogol play system updates for?

I have all gogol services deactive. but i would to know it. is it the play store?

My mistake.
For info on FP3 A10 the latest version seems to date from 1 November 2021

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Since Android 10 the updates are kind of modular. So Google doesn’t have to wait for every phone manufacturer to deliver complete system updates, but can push update basic functions of the Android system directly. These are the Google Play System Updates: Check & update your Android version - Android Help


OK, i see.
It is just for Gogol to can be sure to have all the evil things just in time on all the phones… :wink:

Don’t know anything about Gogol, but Google now can push important updates without waiting for dozing manufactures, who are more into selling new products than maintaining their older ones :wink: .

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I know, the evil empire can do a lot

Let’s not oversimplify, yes Google has become too big. But without Google there would be no Android and thus no Fairphone. Google also heavily sponsors other open-source projects.

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Yes, they can do a lot

positive as well as negative :wink:

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Have received an update from Fairphone today on this issue. They have identified the cause of this and will be including in an update which they are aiming for January to fix.


I have had my phone for about a month but only switched over to it in the last few days. This is my first fairphone and I switched due to receiving updates for the next 5 years as my old phone stopped getting these.

I have the December security update but my Google play system update is still at Feb 21, is this usual for fairphone? Is there a fix to force an update?

See the reply by @Chris_R (Google Play system update stuck at February 2021 - #18 by Chris_R). It should be fixed in the next update.