Flashlight turns off automatically

Ist it normal or a Bug?? I’d like to have control over the time my flashlight is on… :see_no_evil:


Could you elaborate this a bit futher?

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Ok I think I see what you mean (turns off after a few minutes) and dont think its normal, at least it does not seem to happen on the FP4. Best is you contactsupport

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You got it right. I’ll wait to see if other people have the same problem and then write to Support. Thx for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:

i think is feature, tried it twice, in both test: flashlight autooff after 5minutes…


The only way to find out if feature or bug is contactsupport

I would rather call it a bug at least as its already turning off after a few minutes, and for me its not even 5 min it stays on and only 4. there are situations e.g. outside in the evening in the woods are at least wooded streets with cars crossing by where you dont want the light go off after a short time over and over again.

So if they want to prevent the light being on forever in a bag or so, then the timespan shall be bigger in my opinion.


I think so too. I will contact the Support.

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Doesn’t happen to me in /e/-OS prerelease Android, so at least it seems to be a Software issue?

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I have feedback, that they consider this a feature. For me now that the time of the year is coming where I have to walk home in the dark more often, I conider this a dangerous feature when the light goes off over and over again. So everyone wanting this to change (e.g. prolonged time span) should contact support to make this a feature request that is not rejected.


I totally agree and will act as you suggest. I understand the idea behind the feature, but when you let your phone on a table in the dark with the flashlight on and you walk away, having that light automatically turning off is dangerous.

If it seems consistent with ecological worries, I’m not sure it makes that this feature is relevant on that matter (it is similar as turning off your TV every 30 minutes in case you fell asleep in the coach).

BTW, I’m waiting for a (really) stable release of eOS for FP5, so I’m glad to know that I’ll get rid of that feature when switching to /e/.


It’s likely a feature for a technical reason.
If the flashlight LED is left on for an extended period of time then the LED itself will heat up. Too much of that and it could fail.

I have a pocket torch that has 4 brightness levels. The brightest will only stay on for 2 minutes before turning off automatically. The next level down for 30 minutes and the lower 2 levels indefinitely.


They mentioned battery drain when you forget to turn off as reason…


If you think that they should make IT adjustable in the settings, to switch off after 5 min or to keep IT on, like this reply. Maybe it add more weight to that idea.


sorry, my bad… when i enable FlashLight via QuickTile, then is auto off after 4m…
5m is timeout in “Button Mapper”, which i use for “Hold VolDown for FlashLight On/Off also when LCD is Off&Locked” …
BTW: ButtonMapper have in config selectable max 10m timeout (working/confirmed on FP5)


Even this app has zero influence so it does not help to set the sleeptimer to 30 min…

I got an answer to that Topic !!

From Support:
" Regarding the Flashlight

Our Software team is aware that the flashlight turns off unexpectedly and they are looking into it."

So well just have to wait, they got it on their list.


Its just not unexpected…still good they look into however I doubt it has priority, its a feature request.

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Just got my FP5 today. This flashlight issue might just be a deal breaker and I am thinking of returning it. It turned off after just a few minutes. Have they had any word on fixing this? It’s pretty crazy that I bought this phone and the flashlight doesn’t even work properly out of the box


Hi, welcome to the forum! It’s best to contactsupport and ask them for an update on this issue. They are aware of it though. So it might be fixed in the next few updates. At the moment it turns off automatically after exactly 5 minutes. So it should be something they can fix, since it’s by design. Either by a system setting to disable this 5 minute timeout, or a way to extend the timeout to maybe 30 minutes.


As i write above in october, ButtonMapper had in settings switch to 10minutes timeout,
but now if i look to settings, is here also timeout Never options (in More Options/Flashlight timeout) :wink:
Not know if changes is from ButtonMapper november update, or if depend on some changes in FP5 OTA update, anyway i try FP5 with flashlight on about 1 hour (with lcd off, phone in pocket) and working, phone is only a little warm, i forgot look at exact battery state before, but i think flashlight on for 1hour eat 10% of battery…

BTW: I don’t understand how it can be a phone deal breaker if emergency flashlight have 4minutes timeout… If for someone is important flashlight, then exist much more usable solutions…
I have always in pants pockets Fenix HM51R Ruby V2.0 (is limited/modded (for Czech? EU?) version of Fenix HM50R V2.0) and as backup little/keychain Fenix E03R V2.0 :wink: