Battery health: menu item vanished

Hi there, the menu entry/menu item “battery health” (“Batteriegesundheit”) has vanished somehow. It is still there on my wife’s phone (same SW). when i search for it in the settings, it is shown, but when clicking I just get to the main battery settings with following entries:

menu item (German/original, in brackets my modest translation)
Akkunutzung (battery usage)
Energiesparmodus (energy saving mode)
Akku-Manager (battery manager)
Lademodus (Charging mode)
here should be the battery health entry
Akku schützen (protect battery)
chargin level in percent

Software: Android 13
Security update 5 Jan 24
Google Plya System Update 1 Jan 24
5.4.219-qgki-gfcff5e8a60bc (dated 01 Jan)

Build Number

Reboot and charging didnt’t change anything.

How do I get this menu item back??


we even managed to have it vanished on my wife’s phone: we swapped batteries and on both phones “battery health” is gone now. weired.

Its gone for me as well looks like a bug.

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Hi all,
In my case, battery health disappeared too.
I have same soft version. After I did factory reset battery health apears back. But after couple of days Battery health disapeared again. Recharging did not made aby changes…

For me “Battery health” section still show, same sw versions. With state 87% and 49 cycles…
BTW: Accubattery show life as 86%

Interesting. I’m on 76 cycles and still 100% health - using “Battery Protect”.

In my eyes this info ia just useless, therefore I did not even notice it vanished till I checked yesterday. And think comparison with others isnt possible at all.

Hi @yvmuell, why would you say it’s useless? I have been pretty happy with my 100 battery health but the accubattery app showed only 90.
Now the FP one vanished, few hours after it had changed to 98 health, and now the accubattery shows only 88.
Is there any universally accepted way to find out for sure? Or should I just accept not knowing and move on? I hoped to keep the battery from degrading and I kinda wish I knew how I have been doing so far…

Because in my eyes it does not seem to work properly since the beginning, so I have not much trust its telling me something useful…

As with many other things, a lot information is sometimes counterproductive rather than helpful and I mean I notice when its degrading. All my previous FP batteries did well for years, so foe me I dont see why I should worry about my battery.

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Mine still has the option. I restart it regularly but have not removed the battery in the last month. Maybe it needs a few battery cycles to show up again :person_shrugging:

AccuBattery always reports less than 100% (at least, that’s my experience after using it on a few phones). The accuracy of the reading also depends on other factors:

  • you need deep cycles to get a better reading (discharge under 15% and charge all the way to 100%) - which I do not want to do to get better readings. I do one of those cycles out of necessity during my travel, and usually, those improve the estimation.
  • the accuracy of the device sensors/readings regarding current
  • the design capacity sometimes needs manual adjustments (I had to set mine manually to 4260mAh)

I keep my battery charging limited to 80% (thanks to Fairphone for giving us this option), and I only charge it to 100% when traveling. AccuBattery reports 92% Battery Health 91% after 21 cycles).

I don’t think Fairphone 5’s battery is worse than the previous gen. It degrades faster than my previous phones but is still close to average. In my opinion, the software has a lot of bugs when it comes to battery management (my phone gets warm in my pocket, the touch gets enabled while locked in my pocket, etc…)

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I have the same issue. Missing the SoH information. I found it pretty interesting since I do research on battery degradation :smiling_face_with_tear:

Might be related to this Google Pixel Android Update also making it disappear (Fairphone’s Android is pretty similar to the stock Android?):

Dear Fairphone team, could we have it back? You could also add a disclaimer that it is just informative and might be inaccurate.

Please contact FP support, the forum is no official contact to Fairphone.

I just learned that this will vanish once the battery was removed and the old or a new battery will be reinserted. This is to to avoid display of inaccurate data.

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I had to learn that it can vanish without removing the battery, too (it’s gone for a few days now without me doing anything to the battery), but your explanation totally makes sense for the cases where the battery was removed indeed.
Nevertheless still a pity that this feature can vanish when doing something that is a normal use case for a phone with a removable battery.


I personally consider this setting as useless, so would rather remove it completely. If you find it useful/important you might want to inform support that you never removed the battery and its still gone.

I asked FP to officially explain the set-up of this feature in a blog post or similar as there are some conditions programmed in the background, like e.g.

One such criteria is that user can remove and install battery within the first 7 days after activating the phone to allow user to install a SIM and battery health will not be affected.