Geo tagging with stock camera if position not available

In my FP5 I’ve turned off Google location services (location based on WLAN, mobile network etc.) and only use satellite based location. That means that indoors the phone may sometimes not know where it is which in general is okay. If I take a photo with the stock camera app however it’ll save the last known location (I’ve turned on location information to be saved in the app). From Open Camera on my FP2 I was used to just not have a location saved if it was not successful in finding out where it is in time.
Can this be considered a bug? I guess this can be reproduced easily on other FP5, how about other Fairphones?

Well, I found it annoying enough to open a support ticket for this, we’ll see what it’ll bring.

It’s been a while since I posted this. Did anyone else stumble upon this issue in the meantime, too? I’m a bit annoyed by this as even under clear sky if you take a photo very quickly after switching on the photo app the location might not have been updated yet. I expect support to propose sending in my phone to the repair center soon, so knowing that I’m not alone with this issue would help.

So 2 issues? GPS fix takes long plus Cam App using last fix instead of none?

Have you checked with the App GPSTest how long it takes to find a fix and if its normal or not?
Just turned of wlan BT search erc and I’m indoors and it took 7 sec to find a fix.

No definitely not. It’s amazingly fast, but the phone is able to take photos even faster :wink:
And getting a fix indoors depends on how much concrete is above and around the phone. It’s okay close to a window or under the roof, it’s impossible in the cellar of a big building. But all in all the performance of the GPS is really good, that’s really not the issue.

So the real only issue is

Ok and this shall be a Hardware problem? Else how would sending it to Cordon help?

I never use geo tagging so cant really test.

I’m quite sure it isn’t, but I’m expecting such a response from the support because they prepared me that this might be necessary here, too:

That’s why knowing that this is a reproducible issue would help.

I personally like geotagging when traveling by bike or when looking at a map of where the density of pictures is the greatest. And since this is not an absolutely new feature I think it’s okay to expect that it works well.

Sure it is.

And reg support: well thats what they say when they have no idea at all. Cordon will not do any SW tests, so I would insist in forwarding this to the development team, so they can try to reproduce.

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