Typos in Fairphone OS

I know some of you won’t care, if that’s the case, then please ignore this thread. There are several sections of the UI that are missing spaces or capital letters. For the Fairphone 4 (Android 11) I also reported this a few years ago and it never got fixed. The Fairphone 4 had some more issues, so I guess with the Fairphone 5 (Android 13) we see some progress. But there are still some issues, some of which date back from Android 11. It’s time these minor issues get fixed. Typos just make a device look cheap/buggy/low quality.

The following typos can be found in the security, battery and display settings, as well as the camera app. I’ve reported this (again) to FP support.


I do care about this sort of thing but it takes a brave and keen-sighted individual to draw attention to it. They risk having their own grammar, syntax and spelling criticised: I would prefer a semicolon or “but” after “care” in the OP.
I have two out of three of the OP’s “Auto factory reset” missing spaces on my own FP4. More importantly, should it make clear that 15 consecutive incorrect attempts will cause a reset?

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The latest update listed improvements to texts, but this doesn’t include the reported typos and texts I reported.

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