"At a glance" not visible/working

The “at a glance” on the home screen is broken, just like on a FP4. I’m supposed to see the clock and any (pro-active) notifications in that area. At the moment my search bar (DuckDuckGo) of choice is shown there instead.

Mmmhh, interesting. It appears what’s been built in to the default home screen doesn’t work, but you can add the at a glance widget seperately and that works.

I can certainly add it as a widget, as a workaround. But the intended design is unfortunately broken.

Yes. I’ve also reproduced this (I hadn’t noticed) so it’s now logged on the beta testers issues too :slight_smile:


In the known issues I’ve included another status, :beetle: means it was also reported by the beta testers.

BTW, the new Google at a glance widget arrived today on my FP5. I’ve confirmed that when adding the widget you get the new one, but the built in one doesn’t change from the search bar.

I’m not sure if people are going to love or hate the new design - blame Google though!! :smiley:

Is this “At a glance” thingy related in any way to the broken preferences that I get when I press long on the inevitable Google searchbar? There I’m supposed to be able to configure some “live view” but no matter what I disable there it’ll always be enabled back when I open the preferences again…

Can you share a screenshot?

Yes, sure:

Thats indeed the at-a-glance menu.

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Yes those are the preferences for the at a glance widget. The search bar is an entirely different widget and should have different configuration (such as the colour of the search bar etc)

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Thanks for confirming, I get into that menu by long pressing on the search bar indeed and then I get this option called “Preferences” (without translation thus):

So I could report this as bug…

I don’t think there’s any need to report that specifically as a bug to Fairphone. The issue is the widget is broken/configured wrong which is logged :slight_smile:

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It’s definitely a bug, which was introduced on the FP4 with the Android 12 update and that bug seems to be carried into Android 13 now. It’s time they fix it since it’s a super useful widget. Fairphone prioritizes bugs based on the incoming reports, so @Martin_Anderseck, you should definitely report it, even if it’s already logged.


When long pressing the search bar you get the At a Glance settings, but any changes you make there do not get applied or saved to a manually added widget. At a Glance is very much broken…

Yes, those settings won’t relate because it’s a different widget. Also the widget that is preinstalled is part of the system whereas the at a glance widget that’s manually added is associated with the Google app

It’s all the same app, you cannot remove the base Google app. Updates are just overlays, only those updates you can remove via the Play Store. Just tested on a Pixel, the built-in widget and a manual added widget both are configured by the same settings. The implementation on a FP is broken, likely caused by a customization in the launcher.

Indeed, my point rather was more that it’s not the widget that’s broken, it’s whatever FP have done in the launcher that’s broken.

Indeed…that not removable search bar is quite disturbing. The “at a glance” widget would be more acceptable.

how to add it as a widget? I am not sure I have ever used it and cannot find it now.