FP2 Battery Problems (drains quickly, CPU gets hot) - See batteryguide for workarounds

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If you’re having this issue check out the #batteryguide.

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OK I’ll definitely not win this…

My phone was 100% this morning at 7:00. I checked my mails and the forum, played some frozen while waiting for my daughter but not a lot.

It’s now 11:00 and it’s down to 50%.

Don’t like it… If I keep using the phone it will not last the day…

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It’s now 14:23 and I’m down to 7%. This is not good.

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I have the same problem. Unplugged the phone around seven this mroning and now (16:00) 20 % left. Normal usage, just one Sim-card and screen on the lowest setting (which is possible to not get the screen flickring). Hope the performance will increase…


Have you already tried to turn off wifi (at least as a test)? I think your battery drain is linked to the topic already mentioned several times in this forum regarding “wifi with exclamation mark” (which I also can see in your screen shot).
As I’m not so dependent on having wifi always on for me it’s turned off when screen is turned off and it has improved battery lifetime a lot.


Also my battery seems to drain a lot faster than expected. Yesterday I used the phone about one and a half hour for browsing and 9 hours idle, and the battery was finished. We who seems to have our batteries making not even a working day, do we have broken batteries, or is it more proper to think it is some bug in the software?
I have the WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth turned off. Also lowest screen brightness and as few push apps possible.
I can make it a whole working day by using avast Battery saver, but that shouldn’t be necessary with a brand new phone?

Just wanted to know if it could be an idea to contact the support and ask for a new battery?


Ok there’s something really wrong with my phone…:disappointed_relieved:

1 min of use = 1 % of battery less!!! This morning I used it for 5 min ans I got 95 %…

New SIM card, new sd card…


What is draining your battery if you look at the battery tab on the phone (or avast or similar fi you have installed)? I have used mine for 60 minutes, and lost 30 percents. IT says that the screen has taken 20 percent, but I have it on lowest…? Is it the same for you?

I want to figure out if this is somewhat related to tome software error that are draining the battery, or if we have had the bad luck of getting a broken/misprogrammed battery and that we should contact support and get new ones?


This is just now… Phone also very hot… It sounds very familiar with problems had with the FP1.

So battery lasts not even half a day…!!!


You could try a kickstart of the battery to restart the software of the battery.


If phone is very hot…don’t blame the battery and even battery-firmware-reset most likely will not help.
If you don’t have a hardware fault you have to search for an app/setting which consumes massive CPU.

@paulakreuzer: I would suggest to move all real “battery problems” to a different (new?) thread…that’s kind of a different challenge… —> THANKS!


Is it really the battery that is hot or is it, like with my phone the right upper corner above the battery?


Above the battery…


Then I would suggest a kickstart of the battery.


I can’t follow this line of arguments…
Hot phone --> located above battery (=CPU/chipset etc.) --> kickstart battery” ??

My view is exactly contrary:
if your CPU is hot (and not the battery), than a battery calibration wont solve this.

  • You have to check for an app causing this or check for hardware failure, as I stated already above.
  • You already checked behaviour after reboot and while in Flightmode?


Though, I am not convinced that a reset of the battery firmware would resolve the issue; as the electronics get hot, my assumption would rather be that some process is running in the background.

edit: therob was faster :slight_smile:


Yes, my phone is hot above the battery. I just wanted to know if that was also the case with @evidemment. But this of course has nothing to do with the battery.

My comment to try a kickstart was meant for the battery problems @evidemment stated earlier in this thread.


Actually, I was wondering if the procedure described to kickstart the battery is such a good idea.
I read once (can’t recall now the source) that deep discharging of Li-ion batteries may cause their death, and following the here described procedure (discharging to 0%) would be a deep discharge, right?
I found that article after my notebook battery (Li-ion) died - apparently because I deep discharged it.


Because the title of the thread implies that the battery gets hot, I am wonder if it really is the battery?


OK thanks for all your input…

There’s something really wrong with my phone as it also reboots several times a day…

Support is sending me a new phone so I hope all will be good… I would really like to understand what happened though… In order to know if there’s a way to prevent future problems.


I think you are right in general. But I also think it is a difference if you drain the battery controled for some seconds/minutes to 0% and directly start to charge, or if you let your battery die for some weeks by self-discharge…but it’s just a guess.

I think we can conclude, that for all reported problems here, “only” the phone is hot, not the battery itself.
If it is located under the written text “yours to open, Yours to keep” of the FP2 back, it is for sure “only” the CPU unit.
Then you should look in the software for a bad app, which keeps the CPU busy, whats results in hot CPU and fast draining of the battery, thus short lifetime (as expected under “full load”!).

Gave you a try to disassmble and reassembe all easy parts to teardown and check? Maybe just a loosen contact somewhere?