FP2 cpu gets hot/ battery drain (even right after factory reset)

I hope you can help me. I´ve already read a lot of threads, but found no answer.
For more or less 1 month my CPU gets hot and my battery draisn very quickly and only lasts for 6 hours or so.(the last update dind´t fix it).
My idea was thant an app is using the battery, so to resolve it i deleted a lot of apps, and in the end right now i did a factory reset.
But while I was doing it, just after the restart from the reset the CPU I made me a coffy and after returnig the FP" again gets hot as hell without doing anything. So i think its NOT an app.
I also read that removing and reassembling the phone screen could help? (This way I regulary resolve the proximity sensor problem).

Does anyone have an idea?
I really really like the idea of fair Phones ( and in general fair traded products!!), but spending each 2 month my free day to solve porblems really makes it a hard decision to stik to the FP. :frowning:

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