Multiple Issues w FP2

Hey there,
I have a rather general question: I have been using the FP2 for just over 2 months now. What an exciting project! Here‘s a list of experiences I‘ve had so far:

  • During the first 4 weeks the phone used to reboot spontaneously everytime I used it. This was solved with the last Update and never reoccurred.
  • From day the FP becomes worryingly hot regularly even with just one active app. After a while the phone becomes slow to a point where it doesn’t perform at all anymore until I reboot.
  • The battery performance is so poor that I don’t dare making a call without having it plugged in. Talking about “mobile” phones…
  • About a week ago the microphone seized to
    work for no apparent reason which makes it impossible for me to use the FP at all.

Now, I understand the principle: The FP is continuously being developed based on our feedback, so it’s important that we deal with the odd inconvenience to help the FP getting better.
But: Currently I am carrying an additional smartphone at all times because there is no way I can rely on the FP to function. I don’t think that’s really how it should work. With my job I’m on tour most of the time and I have come to admit that the FP doesn’t seem to be working out for me. Pity.
So: What do I do? Is there any way I can return the FP or is this just bad luck? Has anybody got any experience with this?


The heat and battery issues seem related. Check out the batteryguide and

For the microphone check out the official troubleshooting tool to test if it’s a hardware issue. If so a bottom module replacement might help your battery situation too.

Hello Yardbird,

as this is a community forum, where users like you, experiencing all kinds of trouble with their Fairphone, you will find quite a lot of reports like yours if you start some searching.
But don’t just judge on that impression, as the users having no troubles are comparatively rare guests here.
As this is a very competent community with lots of techies and developers, you usually will get some help within a day.

The battery is a known weekness of the FP2, although it should not be as extreme as you report. To start with, you could take a look at the batteryguide (follow the link :wink: ).

When the phone gets hot (above the battery, right?), this might be due to an app or a background process “running wild”. That at least was the case for me. I simply turn the phone off and start it again (sometimes twice or at worst three times) and the heating problem is gone.

An app known to cause more trouble than any other seems to be the original Facebook-app. If you should use this one, try to switch to another app.

I have no idea or recommendation, as I don’t engage on social networks.

The microphone is another week spot in some phones, that normally is solved by exchanging the bottom module under warranty. For that you have to do the troubleshooting-tool and if it doesn’t help contactsupport (send them a mail first and then call with the necessary numbers at hand: order-no, IMEI and ticket-no.).

I fully understand your frustration, but I don’t think your experience is exemplary and you really should give it a chance.
If you are on tour quite a lot, maybe a small powerbank might be a solution? I know, that’s not how it’s meant to be, but it’s a possibilty.

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