Battery drain Display fault?

my Fairphone has disastrous battery behavior. I recalibrated battery like described in the forum, display is set to auto regulation. Loaded full, nearly unsusedgsam monitor shows after 5 hours 79%, from the used 21% the display has taken 29%, it was used 23 minutes. If I calculate this means: 7% battery use for 23 minutes display use , about 300 minutes display use for a whole battery loading. Is this really normal???

Hello, I experienced too that the display drains a lot of battery. I think you’d better set the luminosity manually and the lower you can (naturally without lowering your confort)…
Try this and see the difference :slight_smile: Display will normally drain like 1-5% instead of 29 !

Hope it will help;
Geoff :wink:

Sadly, I also can roughly confirm these values.
From my FP1 I am used to a 5% display usage, if I have a look in the Battery Statistics of Android. With FP2 now it is about >20%. With lower brightness. I can hardly manage 2 days of usage with one charging cylce (in comparison of 5 days with FP1). I still hope for some improvements on the software side…

Despite the display, I also think the CPU/GPU consumes a rather large amount of battery, also without doing any hard coding stuff (like games), or better saying in idle-mode. Just browsing is enough to loose 10% battery in 30mins…(incl. display of course)…It is not nice in my opinion.

Hi @Babelfisch,

some users reported that they had a better battery duration after de- and re-attaching the screen. Maybe because some contacts did not fit 100% perfect.

FP2 Battery Problems (drains quickly, CPU gets hot) - See batteryguide for workarounds

I think it is worth a try!

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