A better battery for FP2?

just got my FP2, pretty satisfied so far, i am only disappointed with the battery lifetime, even worse that the iPhone 5S i just switched from. I was hoping that with the modular concept i could buy a better battery, but i don’t find any info online. Did i miss something or is the current FP2 battery the only one we can use?

Sorry, as far as I am aware, there is no other battery with higher capacity.
In fact, it seems the update to Marshmallow (Android 6.0) even made the battery draining worse.
You will find lots of discussions on this topic in the forum, even concerning different OS. Maybe these threads give you some insight

And you will find even more links there.

Maybe Fairphone is working on it and we will be surprised when the new Generation (FP2.1) is delivered. I read somewhere in this forum they promised some surprise or the like. Guess was a new and better camera module, but a bigger battery would be another option. (Just guesswork of course ;))

Up till then you could always opt for a power bank to accompany your phone or for a second battery. There is even a cover-design that allows for carrying a second battery (although not connected; unfortunately):

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Just a friendly notice:

  1. Batteries need a few load cycles to get to full performance

  2. When you set up a phone a new, a lot of load is put on the device, reducing the battery lifetime: App installation, data transfer, etc. The same is noticable after updates of the os. This settles after a few hours or days.

  3. That might be just me, but when a have a new device, I use it a lot more in the first days without even noticing.


Yep camera sucks… :frowning:

thanks for the notice, however, i have had it for a few month now and really i have had it!! the battery life is a constant nightmare, worse than any other phone i had before, to the point i am asking myself what’s the point? so there is only one type of battery for this modular phone? Clearly as i am watching other threads it is a BIG problem, among the culprits is the Wifi, but also it leaks when idle. Anyone knows whether FP is taking the problem seriously and working on a better battery AND fixing leaks?


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