I have an FP2. Can I install a double battery on my phone?

It’s not that easy. A bigger battery was the very first item on our modules wishlist, but so far nobody succeeded in creating one.

But besides that 6 hours is not normal. Check out the #batteryguide for some tips to improve your battery life.

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If you mean a power bank … Yes, you can do that.

Not Power bank… I have one and its good but i whant to derectly connect another battery on My phone Back cover…

Tampering with the battery and/or the connected circuitry poses a serious fire hazard. Don’t do that. Batteries are dangerous enough as is (look at Samsung).


Thanks for tupa but i have done thous things already so thats not good… I cant use My phone at 4g mode because it Will eat My battery even faster… And i have some other issue Whit My phone The bottom microphone doesent work always… But i think that i just order new battery and bottom module and hope The Best…

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I mean like this or somethig Berger

Or one thing that have biggest battery is ZeroLemon.

From this iFixit page …

“Member-Contributed Guide
An awesome member of our community made this guide. It is not managed by iFixit staff.”

“Potentially Dangerous
Injury may result if this procedure is not followed properly. Use caution and follow all warnings.”

Playing with Lithium-ion battery has some risk. If you don’t have the basic skill and knowledge, STOP!
Modifying Lithium batteries might violate laws in your country or region. It’s all your own responsibility!”

What do you want to hear? “Go ahead, it’s totally safe.”? Obviously not.


No offense, this is ridiculous. What if it rains? Someone spills something on your phone while its lying on a table? A powerbank or having a 2nd battery or charger with you makes more sense.


6 hours batter life is either an idication of a bad battery or a #wakelock.

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First of all check the statistic of your battery usage:

I would also recommend to search the root cause for the heavy battery usage of your device. If you need support there please use the thread from my link.


Hey! At some point in the near future there might be a community made hardware extension to allow useage of external batteries via the extension port. I’m working on a 3D printable casing to allow easy useage for the Extension Port PCB and @jayy might look into designing a circuit to allow safe useage of external batteries. But nothing solid yet, if something proper is made there will be a post about it in the forum.


Is there someware blueprint for the phone… I like to look that… I May find some answer or think some way to connect secend battery

I just ei mesures and If i Whant extra battery i can fit 2 extra battery on back cover… I just need to find some Connector that i can use that Back cover

Hydrogen fuel cell is the answer


Seems like a cool idea. I just wonder about the carbon footprint, if you need a cartridge for refueling every other week. Maybee those cartridges can be refilled?

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Hey, there is a repository on GitHub where someone documented things on the FP2. You should take a look at the Expansion Port.

I highly RECOMMEND though to not simply stick another battery cell onto that, since it could lead to damaging the phone or worse - turn into a ticking time (battery) bomb.
What we need to make it useable is a small circuit that manages and monitors the extra battery.

Everyone is gladly invited to tinker on that, if you know stuff about electronics and Circuit design.

The back cover itself should be more easy and I hope to present something you can 3D print soon. (Colleague haven’t had the time to print a prototype yet. I really need my own 3D printer, but I lack the money.)


Thanx i mesured them already and had same result but number 1 was ? Now i know thanks ill design some bace model and put them on My test bench… And sorry My english is bad but My head is sharp :joy:

you can use mine if you want

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