FP2 Battery Problems (drains quickly, CPU gets hot) - See batteryguide for workarounds

I changed the title again.

I have no problems with my phone rebooting. I have had the screen freezed once, but that was the first day and never since.

I think my screen is making the battery drain. How long can you other people use your phone with teh screen lit? With an hour of surfing on the lowest brightness, it is down 30 percents. Maybe it is normal?

I would like to share my battery’s experience (to be precise, I have activated battery saver during the night).
I experience some problems about the % calculated at low battery for 2 days now. Has someone experienced this kind of problem?
I’ve noticed that Wi-Fi has consumed 10% of the battery but Wi-Fi wasn’t activated at all during this cycle, so I don’t undestand this matter…

Does anyone who have more information Arion about batteries have any idea if this is a sign of a system fault that is draining the battery? Or if some of us have got broken batteries?
What do the community think?

About the WiFi consuming battery when it is not on, I have figured out that you have to go into the settings of “advanced for wifi” (search for it in the settings) and you have to turn it off there too.

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After this nights charging, the battery drains faster than ever. And I am no longer able to see proper stats from the battery… Broken battery? What do you think from my attached images?

(also notice the “-18” mark in the upper left corner. Sweden is really on the north pole)

Whats after reboot and some waiting time?

Things are getting worse… Phone is very hot… and it’s the second time today I charge it because it was close to 2%… :weary:

I really can’t figure out that is causing this…

And now it rebooted… I’m going back to my FP1 while waiting for remplacement…

A replacement phone gets priority at the distributing centre for shipping off. Although Fairphone can’t speed up the actual time the courier needs to get to your door.
I hope so that you have better experiences with your replacement phone.

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I hope… I hate this…

I’m trying something… I removed SD card and both SIM cards and I’m charging the battery. I’ll check if and how my phone’s behaviour changes.

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OK battery fully charged and this is what I get (still no SD card nor SIM card in the phone) … Pretty weird!

Your battery calculates the remaining time on your previous use.
If you check your battery again, say at 21:30 hours, good chance that the remaining time is longer.

It seems to me I’ve had a similar problem (even though I couldn’t tell wether it was the CPU or the SIM area that was getting very hot). I’ve done a kickstart to the battery + clean and replace the SIM and I’m good now. Might help ?

OK after one night without using the phone (obviously) and without SIM card nor SD card in… Phone is not hot and this is what I get…

So I’ll put one SIM card in and see what happens…

Since this morning my FP2 doesnt’t work any more.
It was charging over night.
At first, the screen was pixeled and hanging, after that I restarted the phone and I noticed that the area above the battery was very very hot.
The phone restarted and optimized all apps (???) and then I got the pixeled screen again.
I tested to get the phone starting again, but only small vibrations and sometimes a pixeled screen flash.
I charged the phone a long time, but I couldn’t start it again.

I’m very disappointed at the moment and trying to find the issue and start it again.
More than vibrations or pixeled screen flash I couldn’t get since two hours…

I seem to have similar problem as you, any solution to your problem?.

I´m trying to kickstart my battery but when i insert charger the phone starts to boot, so it´s not possible to put in the charger for a while before nserting battery.

What is the percentage battery when you try the kickstart?

I let it drain so the phone shuts down automatically, so zero?