CPU hot for no reason and battery drained

Hi all,

I bought an FP2 about 2 months ago, and had had no problems, but today it suddenly started getting very hot around the CPU, and the battery then dropped quickly from 60% to 30%. I put it in to airplane mode and closed all apps, but the CPU was still hot and the power was still dropping quickly. I turned the phone off, and on restarting the power was suddenly at 2%. While off the CPU had started to cool down, but when I then plugged the phone in to charge (with the power still off) the CPU started to get really hot again.

Has anyone else had a similar problem, and if so, any idea if it’s likely due to a problem with the battery or because of a software issue? I have a spare (unopened) battery, but I’m a bit worried to try switching it out in case I cause further damage.

Sadly as I’m based in Australia I can’t take it in to get it repaired, and I can’t find the IMEI1 number so can’t submit a request for help to the support team. Any help much appreciated!

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