Battery still draining while on charge

When on charge, I have my phone running the BOINC app. If I have it using more than 2 cores at once, (BOINC maxes out all the cores in use.)

Will a higher current charger resolve this problem?


I suppose it won’t resolve the problem as my experience is that if more than 2 cores run with high load the phone gets hot - and when it’s too hot it will stop charging.


Thank you. I tried resting phone on an ice pack from the freezer to test things out. Doing that the battery still drained when all four cores were running on max but it would have lasted two or three days at a rough estimate. Time to post on the wish list thread for a case with better thermal properties I think.

This is true but from my observations it will still power the phone via the charger, not discharging the battery. I’ve seen this behavior during car navigation when the phone was exposed to the heat of the sun behind the windscreen and therefore became pretty hot. The battery percentage remained the same for several hours. Of course Osmand is not as demanding as described with BOINC but depending on the charger it is worth testing a more powerful one. FP2 can handle up to a little bit more than 1000mA at 5V USB voltage.


The other thing about BOINC is it stops crunching if battery temp goes above 40C and the constant stopping and starting means it is actually more productive to restrict BOINC to two cores than to have it using all four, unless of course it is in an environment cold enough to compensate for the heat produced.

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