Another hot FP2 with empty battery

I’ve a relatively new Fairphone 2, which I’ve equipped with Fairphone Open, Xprivacy and AFWall+ (these are the relevant apps, I think).

The battery really drains fast and the phone is getting hot for no reason – I even cannot carry it in my Jeans pocket any more (Not because it is too hot for my skin, but too warm to be comfortable)!

Yesterday, I was browsing this forum, and it sucked up the entire battery in about an hour.

This is a screenshot I took a few minutes ago:

95% “Sonstiges”!!! I’ve read something about this yesterday, but unfortunately I got so frustrated that I cannot remember which thread I’ve already read and which I didn’t. :frowning:

I’ve tried “another monitor”, and it shows the CPU being used >60%.

Is there any kind of guide one can follow to get rid of this seemingly common problem?

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