Fairphone gets hot and battery drained after Android update feb. 2018

My phone hasn’t been working properly after the latest Update here in Feb. 2018. It gets really hot in the top part and the battery drains within a few hours. And will only charge fully when it’s off. If I leave it on in the charger - then it just stays on the same % - or even loose battery.

I have both tried to manually re-install the update (twice) and all the “battery boost” tips found in here. But nothing seems to work. It doesn’t seem as if the battery is even fully drained because 1. when I plug it in, the red light doesn’t blink (i.e. it isn’t fully empty) and 2. I can for the most part just turn it back on and then it has between 1%-40% battery still. But then the smallest usage can make it die again - and sometimes not. It’s really frustrating. Can anyone help?

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