Sell This is where you post when you want to sell something to other community members.<br> Be sure to exactly describe what you offer (photos help) and where you are or where you are willing to ship to. Buy This is where you post if you want to buy something from other community members.<br> Be sure to say exactly what you want and where you are from.
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Facilitating a platform where Fairphones can be sold or bought is something that has always been on our minds here at Fairphone. Especially since we are movement which promotes sustainability. However, facilitating suc…

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FP1, good condition (but the battery...) : 35€ [Sell] (1)
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[SOLD] FP1 First Edition with original + new FP battery - fully functional [Sell] (4)
2 used FP2 batteries for free (in Berlin/Germany) [Sell] (3)
FP2 - sehr guter Zustand [Sell] (2)
FP2 - one of the first, rather bad condition. Darmstadt/Germany [Sell] (4)
Free broken FP1: NOT ANYMORE ! (see conversation with Urs) [Sell] (10)
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:netherlands: Batterij Fairphone 1 [Buy] (2)
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FP2 camera module - first version - just pay postage and packing [Sell] (2)
2 used FP2 batteries for free (in Berlin) [Sell] (2)
2 FP1 batteries for free (in Berlin) [Sell] (9)
[STILL BUYING] Fariphone 2 (FP2) transparent or translucent [Buy] (2)
FP2 display needed [Buy] (2)