[Sold} Selling FP3 and protective case (green) UK

Selling Fairphone 3 and green protective cover. Shipping to UK.

Price £100. I know they are available for a lot more but just want someone to give this a home, perhaps who can’t afford the more expensive ones.

I am selling my Fairphone 3 bought from Fairphone in August 2019 making it just under 4 years old.

The phone is in fully working order, I have not had any issues with it. Just treated myself to a FP4.

The green case is included, you can see there are signs of wear and tear on that.

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You have level 1, so you should be able to post pictures.

Thank you! I’ve figured it out now.

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After posting all these pictures it would have been reassuring to see one of home screen with today’s date rather than booting one.

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I’m not sure if you are interested in buying the phone. If you want additional photographs you can just ask.

It’s custom on this forum to put a photo showing the date of today when you want to sell a phone.

Thank you for the explanation.

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