Buying batteries in physical shops 🇳🇱/🇩🇪?


This is possibly a bit random but is it possible to buy FP3 or FP4 batteries on the high street in physical shops in the Netherlands/Germany? I’ll be driving through in the next few weeks and it would be nice to got to a real live shop and pick a new one for both my FP3 and my wife’s FP4… Obviously if not. I’ll just order them from the Fairphone shop.


Whats the high street?

Thanks. Good point. Sorry, by “on the high street” I mean “available in physical shops” (compared to online).

The high street is a general term in the UK for the main street of a town.

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Which cities will you visit?

Most likely Rotterdam and Eindhoven. Hopefully Mönchengladbach and Düsseldorf.

Did you check FPs website, there is a list somewhere, however I doubt any shop has spare parts…

Maybe sending it to a UPS pick-up store is an option?

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There is a list on FP site but it only lists what products are on offer, FP 5, FP 4 or Fairbuds, I guess you would need to give them a call…

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Thanks. That’s perfect. I didn’t realise there was a list on the FP website.

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