Anyone in London UK want my broken FP3 for free?

Hey all. My FP3 stopped turning on about a year ago due to water damage (just from being in a humid bathroom for 15 mins, no water actually on it). After Fairphone couldn’t repair it because the warranty had just ended, and said didn’t offer recycling from the UK, it’s just been sat in a drawer. I’m too much of a luddite and too busy to try repairing it myself. Rather than taking it to the recycling centre, I wondered if someone who’s into repairing Fairphones would like it for free, to see if it can be fixed or salvage it for parts. I’m in London N8 and around for the next month before going travelling, if anyone wants to collect it :slight_smile:


Contact the fairphone angel nearer to you, if him don’t want it, I will pay shipping to Italy (my country).
Thanks for your kind offer.