Selling my *Fairphone 5* as New (2 months)

Hey, I’m sad to sell my new Fairphone 5, because I’m having trouble adapting my work to the Android operating system… (probably just a user problem)
It’s a Transparent Fairphone 5 5G, with 8GB ram and 256Gb storage space.

It’s perfectly as new, it barely left the house, never fell or was exposed to any hazardous situation…

Invested 750€ in February 2024. Selling for 650€ in its original box, including the original green case and a couple others (blue and transparent) 2 cables and 2 glass screen protectors (one is installed, other is new)

Sending from Portugal

Guess its the same phone so I closed the other topic


Yes, it’s the same.
I couldn’t find a way to update the post with more photos, so I had to create a new one


A sexta, 19/04/2024, 14:00, Yvonne via Fairphone Community Forum <> escreveu:

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