Selling FP3+ (bought July 2022, still under guarantee) + FP Earbuds + FP Case + Flip Case

I am selling my Fairphone 3+ that was bought in July 2022 (it is still under guarantee) together with several accessories, all together for 220€ plus shipping from Austria (Vienna).

The package includes:

  • Fairphone 3+ (64 GB, Black, 5.65 ", Dual SIM + SD, 48 Mpx, 4G)
  • Fairphone True Wireless Stereo Earbuds in Green
  • Fairphone Protective Case V2 Black
  • Flip Case (the Protective Case is stuck on the Flip Case, but can be removed from it)
  • (Fairphone Screen Protector with Blue Light Filter (was removed from the FP3+ some weeks ago, I am not sure if you can apply it again))
  • Fairphone 3 box with screwdriver

The FP3+ and the accessories were bought in July 2022, I kept the Invoice, it is still under guarantee.
The FP3+ is in good conditions, as it had always the protective case in place.
The screen protector was also in place from the beginning until I removed it some weeks ago (for better response of the touch screen). I am not sure if you can apply it again.
The Earbuds are also in good conditions, only the LED-disply of the battery status does not work anymore (you could probably reclaim it as it is also still under guarantee).
The Flip Case has some signs of usage as you can see, but I find it very useful.

do you by any chance sell single accessories apart or the whole bundle together only?
I’d be specifically interested in the Fairbuds, despite the led issue, so -if you do sell them separately- it’d be great if you can tell a approximate price thanks

Hi there,
thanks for your interest,
but to be honest I would prefer to sell the whole bundle together.
best regards!

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Dear Fairphone community,

I am adding the Fairphone USB-C 3.2 Long Life Cable (original price is still 34.95€) to the package, which is also very helpful as the Fairphone did not charge with every other USB cable.
Price of the whole package is still 220€ (and includes all the invoices).


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