[SOLD] Rooted Fairphone 4 With Lineage for Microg version 20 for Sale in the United States

Hi, I’m selling my Fairphone 4 which I purchased brand new from Clove Technology in the United Kingdom on February 23rd, 2023. I have the receipt which I will include with the phone.

This is the model with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

I’m located in the United States (Iowa) and have used the phone very successfully on T-Mobile’s network. Included in the sale is the phone, the Fairphone 4 case, the original box, and receipt.

The phone is rooted and has Lineage for Microg installed on it. I have factory reset the device to remove all of my personal data. (Note, this does not remove Lineage, it just returns the phone to the state it would be in if you had just installed Lineage on it for the first time.)

The bootloader is unlocked. So, if you are comfortable flashing ROMs and want to replace Lineage 4 Microg with regular Lineage or /e/OS or some other ROM, you can do so. I suppose you could also return it to stock, if you wanted (but I have no experience with that).

The phone is rooted. Factory resetting it doesn’t remove root. If you leave it as is, you will need to reinstall the Magisk app after booting up the phone for the first time.

The battery should be in good shape. In my 13 months with the phone, I never charged it above 81% or allowed the charge level to get blow 15-20%.

I am selling the phone because I do a lot of wilderness backpacking and need a phone that is more rugged.

I’m asking $350 (USD) for the phone which will include shipping to anywhere in North America. Additionally, I’m willing to ship the phone to other continents, but shipping to other continents will be for an additional fee. I will entertain all reasonable offers.

I’m offering this phone first to the Fairphone community. If it doesn’t sell in the next week, I will probably post it on Ebay and/or Swappa.

Bryan Walton

Since there has been no expressed interest, in the next day or two, I will return the phone to its stock OS.

I have returned this phone to the stock OS and have successfully relocked the bootloader. If there is nobody interested in this phone in the next two days, I will post it on Ebay and/or Swappa. Here are a couple of new pics. Sorry, I probably shouldn’t have taken these pictures with the flash on – the white spots on the right side of the display are actually reflections from my camera flash.

What operating system do youu have. It says linage OS. I could be interested if you are familiar with adding Graphine OS. I know there isn’t a stable build of that operating system as of yet. I figured why not if I can get one with that OS. And I’m willing to pay $400 for a used one. When I bought mine was $599 as a new unit. I still rather have a working phone on hand for my family member. Even if it’s android 13. Funny I do also live in that state. I just think more people should adopt repairable tech. I might even give mine to my neighbor at some point. What kind of back does it have? Mine is pure green and not recycled green. The only other thing is it able to be connected to T-Mobile or did you go with AT&T? That would be the only deal breaker as I’m on T-mobile. Please reply to my questions about the offer thanks.

Hi @Digimon

It is currently running Lineage for Microg. I don’t have any experience with Graphene OS, unfortunately. I have been using the phone for the last year with T-Mobile. If you are a T-Mobile user, that will work fine. All you should need to do is insert your T-Mobile Sim card. The back is gray. Where are you located in Iowa?

Pocahontas county, Iowa. I was hoping to have someone who knew how to get graphine onto fairphone without risking my family’s working one’s. That is why I offered. You managed to get linage OS on it. Or did you get it that way from the seller? Anyway I’m glad to responded quickly. I’m also glad it was T-mobile. People have had a lot of trouble with AT&T and I didn’t want to deal with that headache with costumer service for random bugs people reported on this thread. Thanks for the offer. I would probably decline because of the OS on it. Maybe someone else would offer that much base on the value for it being repairable and has years of support left in it. It’s supported til 2027 for parts and OS Updates.

No problem. Phone was bought brand new (I have the receipt, still). I replaced the stock OS with Lineage for Microg. If you change your mind, let me know. -Bryan

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Price lowered to $350 USD.

Actually you should start your own thread, please. Respectfully, this thread was supposed to be about my phone which I’m trying to sell.



Sorry about that. I still might consider it due to if I can get the OS of choice. I just wanted to hear the response from a previous post that has been moved to a new thread. I did not want to disrespect this thread. That wasn’t my intention to begin with. And I apologize fully for it.

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Phone is now also listed on swappa.com

FYI, my Fairphone 4 sold on Ebay. It is no longer available for purchase. Thank you.