GrapheneOS FP4 supported?

GrapheneOS does not support Fairphones Frequently Asked Questions | GrapheneOS


I know that. But that is why I’m waiting for a stable build. People have got it working on fairphone but not everything works. I saw a video on YouTube of someone dedicated enough got a version of it working on this device. I wish I’ve saved the video to watch later because I don’t save watch history on YouTube for privacy reasons. I haven’t found it since. So I know it’s possible. I just know that it had issues with the OS, that some features didn’t work at all. Just like another topic with usb-c to headphone jack issues. I wish I could find that news article a few years back when Apple just removed the headphone jack from their phones that people were having problems with dongles having different pin outs for the headphone jack with Samsung Galaxy phones. I just can’t find the article or video on either of these topics. I know that they exist. I just can’t find them. Everyone has their opinions on these subjects. This is my opinion in the end.

@Digimon did you consider CalyxOS? This is supported for FP4: see Install CalyxOS

I’ve never heard of it to be honest. I’m a huge supporter of right to repair and not having personal information get on the net. Thats why I’m supporting Graphine OS much. Tech companys don’t need to have all that information stored on their servers for hackers to sell on the the net through breaches. no matter how hard you try. it always seems you can’t get it removed. another company will have the same info on you, because you just happened to have an account set up with them. it’s a never-ending cycle of back and forth. yet another reason to not have your data on their servers. I’ve been using the say mine app to remove my info from companys that I don’t use anymore. It doesn’t seem to always work with the company in question. Having to jump through hoops just to get it removed. this is again my opinion based on all the experience I’ve had since the 90’s. Anyone remember Myspace before Facbook and Twitter came around? Man I’m Getting old :slight_smile: .

After checking the website. it does sound like Graphiene OS. Does it at least allow you to use the Google Play store and treat it like an app thats isolated from the rest of the phone? with Graphiene OS. how it does it is have it located on a second menu and only allows it to talk to the servers as needed and not all the time. basically an isolated app that only works when used. do you know how this OS works on this level. this video will explain the reasons why I want Graphiene OS on Fairphone in detail. if you have any info on Calax OS and how it operates would be helpful in this thread.