Fairphone 3 in the UK

What product(s) are you offering? Fairphone 3

(Once you have sold your product, please add [SOLD] in front of the topic name or ask one of the

At what price are you willing to sell or give it/them (for free/fixed/negotiable)? £90 + Postage

From where would you be shipping (country or city)? UK Cornwall

Photo(s) of the product(s) (if it is a phone, please include a photo of the phone switched on displaying the current date):

Other, remarks:

I have a case and the phone is without a scratch.


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Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.

Could you clarify whether this is FP3 or FP3+ as post title says former whilst your profile says the latter? You could post a picture of back of phone if you have another device available. What age is it as there seem to be multiple reports of three year old phones failing upon the forum?

Can you post a photo showing the Startscreen with the date of today?

Hopefully this is what you want. Do you need the phone picture with the back off. The Model says FP3 and hardware version is Fairphone 3. Does that help with identifying the model?
I can post a video on YouTube of the phone working if that helps?

Your pictures confirm an FP3 although can’t be sure whether yours has the optional 48MP camera upgrade as definition not sufficient to show presence of iris around camera lens as below. Picture of back sufficient to confirm case has been used as no lettering worn off.

You don’t say whether prepared to send within EU although bear in mind VAT and custom handling would be imposed.

Thanks. It’s exactly what I wanted to see.

If someone wants it I would happily send within the EU.


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