Offering FREE brand new USB-C adaptor

Hello Fairphone community!
I received a 2nd USB-C to Mini-jack adapter by mistake from Fairphone, and to avoid waste, I am willing to send it within Europe. See the photos, it is brand new and I even have the protective mailer package from Fairphone themselves.
Product details here: USB-C to Mini Audio Jack Adapter (3.5mm) - Accessory | Fairphone
Please contact me
[e-mail removed for security reasons: please contact LauFou by DM if you are interested - OR]
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(2 photos are attached).


Hi and welcome to the forum.
Thanks for your generous offer. I have removed your e-mail address as it’s not a good idea to publish personal details in public forums. Any member who’s interested will get in touch by sending you a “Direct Message” (sometimes also called Private Message).

Have a great day


Thanks so much for that @OldRoutard !

Laurie sent me the cable the same day I sent my address and the friendly, short conversation totally made my day!
Today the cable arrived with a sweet post-it I had to share (after getting consent) with you, what a community! Thank you again, Laurie!