Selling Fairphone 4 + case + screen protector


I bought a Fairphone 4 in December 2023 but after trying it, it does not suits well my job unfortunately (community management). I need to buy a new phone with better camera and options.

I am from France but I can send it anywhere. I bought it 600 euros, I would like to sell it for 500 euros because it’s like a new phone and to fund the next one. I can negotiate the price. I have the guarantee, the box and everything. I can show you on Zoom.

Tell me if you are interested

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Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.

A new FP4 costs 499 or 569 at the moment.

Else its customary to post at least a picture of the running phone with current date.

Also important: can the invoice and prolonged warranty be provided?

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Yes the Green One is 569 now because there is a discount, I can talk the price and offer less, negotiation is ok.

I cannot take picture because the only device I have is my phone and I live alone so until I have a friend who can take a picture for me I cannot show you. Or if you need I can show you via Zoom.

The Invoice and guarantee are provided, I kept everything :slight_smile:

Thanks for the additional information, I’m sure those will help potential buyers. The price differnece btw is not for the color, however for the storage, which means you have the 256GB verision.

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just a note, that you can you take a picture with a laptop camera.
Unless you use Zoom also on the phone but then the offer to show it would not work.

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Thank you for your help :slight_smile: I can offer to show the phone on Zoom so it’s live

Hello, I’m interested in buying your phone. Also without a picture or invoice. I’d like to offer you 300 euros. I live in the Netherlands. Christina (Tina)

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Hello, I offer you 450, is it ok? 300 is too low

Last offer 400, what do you say? :slight_smile:

Ok I can sell the phone for 300 euros

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