[Sold] FP3: 2 batteries and 1 protective case (black)*


I’m giving away two batteries and one protective case (black) after my Fairphone 3 died recently. I bought one of the batteries and the protective case shortly before my phone died, so they are barely used. The other batterie is from when I bought it back in 2019.

Unfortunately, one of the screws inside is frayed, which is why I can’t sell any other spare parts, as I’m not able to access them.

I’m giving them away for free, you only have to pay the shipping costs or pick it up. I live in Basel, Switzerland. Unfortunately, international shipping of batteries is not allowed: IMPORTANT NOTE on Buying / Selling batteries.

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Perhaps a possibility would be to stick the screw to an old screwdriver with superglue and get it loose that way.
Or drill out the screw?

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Using glue seems to be best idea to me.
Did you try use a rubber band between screw and screw driver? Did you try a bigger screw driver? Did you try a flat screw driver? Can you drill the screw away?

I would actually consider trying to separate the display from the core module even if that one screw refuses to go (I assume it’s one of the 13 display screws). In the – unlikely – worst case,the display might suffer, but that would still leave the rest of the phone accessible.

Years ago, I actually did remove a display from an FP3 with one display screw still in (I had simply not counted them properly and overlooked that one), and all that happened was that the screw ripped out with like 1-2 mm of thread and core module plastic still around/attached to it. In fact, I only noticed the mishap a while later. The whole device kept working flawlessly.

Of course, that one screw’s position plays a part. It should be easier if it’s next to the edges.

Thank y’all for the kind advices. I only tried the one with the rubber band which didn’ work, I’l look into the other opitions.

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EDIT: The protective case has been taken.

EDIT 2: The batteries are gone as well. The thread can be closed.