✏ List of compatible microSD / SDXC cards for FP2

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  • This wiki is just a list by FP2-users.
  • It is there to share experience with MicroSD cards.
  • It is nothing official by Fairphone.
  • Fairphone does not sell any of these cards.

Which MicroSD cards do work and which do not? Fairphone does not have the capacity to test MicroSD cards and is not in a position to endorse the use of brands or types of cards. So I hope that the community can help to make a nice list of good MicroSD cards.
Although Fairphone is said to support MicroSD cards up to 64 GB only, some users have reported to be successfully using MicroSD cards of 128 GB and even 200 GB and 400 GB capacity. No news up to now on even larger cards (512 GB).

The informations in the following list are taken from this thread:

All posters of this thread are invited to update or specify the information or add anything new.
This is a wiki, so please edit it with the green pencil above to add your headphone and FP2 experiences.

General Advice when looking for a FP2 micro SD-card

Copied from the support page: Some SDXC type cards come in a certain format called exFAT. This is a proprietary format as you can read in the wikipedia source.

Fairphone does not support this format, but there is an easy way to solve that. You can reformat your SD Card to a format called FAT32 (or other formats). There are multiple sources online to help you out with this. Here is one.

It is also advisable to re-format your SD card directly from your phone:

System Settings
"Erase SD card"

Fully functional SD-cards

Fairphone OS

  • Lexar 64 GB (type?)
  • Lexar 64 GB SDXC
  • Samsung 64 GB (type?)
  • Samsung Evo 32GB microSDHC
  • Samsung ECO 64 GB
  • Samsung EVO 128 GB
  • SanDisk ULTRA 64 GB SDXC
  • SanDisk ULTRA 64 GB microSDXC UHS-1 (speed up to 80 MB/s)
  • SanDisk ULTRA (Android) 128 GB SDXC
  • SanDisk ULTRA micro SDXC UHS-I 256 GB (the up to 100 MB/s speed version) (SDSQAR-256G-GN6MA
  • SanDisk SDSDQUAN-200G-G4A 200 GB SDXC (not for long in my case - see below)
  • Samsung EVO+ 128 GB
  • Samsung MicroSDXC EVOplus 256 GB UHS I class 10 U3
  • Toshiba exceria 64Gb (speed warning when used as internal memory, measured read speed 40-50MB/s as external memory)

Fairphone Open OS

  • SanDisk Ultra 16 GB microSDHC UHS-1. Formated through the FP2, works fine.
  • Samsung PRO 64 GB SDXC (NR)
  • SanDisk 64 GB (NR; type?; by @FGM: works after formatting with PC to EXT4 and again with the FP2)
  • SanDisk ULTRA PLUS 64 GB microSDXC UHS-1
  • SanDisk Ultra 128 GByte SDXC SDSQUAR-128G-GN6IA, the one sold as “up to 100 MB/Sec, Class 10, U1, A1”. Formatted to Ext 4 under Linux, inserted. FP 2 does not take it, after formatting in the FP2 as external memory: everything seems okay.
  • SanDisk Ultra 400 GB microSDXC UHS-I A1. Easily recognized, contents properly displayed (Fairphone Open OS 19.05.2)

Lineage OS

  • SanDisk ULTRA micro SDXC UHS-I 128 GB
  • SanDisk Extreme 128 GB microSDXC Class 10, U3, V30, A1

Problematic SD-cards

Describe problem:
FN - formatting needed more than once;
NR - not recognized after rebooting;

Fairphone OS

  • Kingston 32 GB SDHC (NR)
  • Samsung 64 GB (types?; NR)
  • Samsung EVO 64 GB (NR)
  • Samsung EVO+ 64 GB (NR; temporary workaround cooling down the phone before rebooting)
  • Samsung PRO 64 GB SDXC (NR)
  • Samsung PRO+ 128 GB (NR; workaround by @Patrick1: letting the phone cool down before rebooting)
  • SanDisk Ultra 200GB (non-writable on marshmallow and dead <5 months)
  • Sony SR-64UY 64 GB (NR)
  • XLYNE 64 GB (NR; type?)

Fairphone Open OS

  • Kingston 32 GB micro SDHC Class 4 (worked at first but died after a week of use, replacement card died after a few months)
  • Samsung PRO+ 128 GB (NR rarely; workaround by @Patrick1: putting the phone in a fridge before rebooting)

Lineage OS

How to insert and format a MicroSD card:

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