SD card missing, phone overheating

I am running out of steam for my FP2, I’ve had so many problems, and as I live abroad, it’s difficult to get it serviced. Plus I presume it’s out of warranty now so I don’t know how much I want to spend to fix it.

That said, the problems in e.g. The Congo, are serious enough that I am prepared to put up with a lot of problems. But I do need a working phone.

Latest problem is SD card is “missing” and the phone is overheating. Tried the app SD maid which did bring the card back, but now it’s gone again. Card is Kingston 32GB class 10.

Edit: I found this thread which suggests the Kingston is not compatible so maybe it’s a simple as that. ✏ List of compatible MicroSD cards for FP2
Still feel that a phone shouldn’t malfunction with half the cards on the market.

Edit 2: Had to “forget” the card, and basically lose most of the data on the phone as I’d formatted it as internal storage. Next time will use as external. Found ways online to recover data, but it involves rooting and it’s more than I want to do.

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My FF2 is also overheating a lot but not consistently. There are days I almost cannot have it in the pocket and others in which it is more or less normal.

I had a FF2 which repeatedly overheated. FF support replaced the mother board a few times, then replaced the whole phone.
Warranty is 2 years
Also had an SD card trashed by another FF2
Its a pain in the rear…

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