High battery use on FP2 with SailfishOS

Hi All,

For quite some time i’ve been struggling with my FP2 and it’s battery use. Before the SailfishOS beta7 update ( i got 3 to 4 days with a fully charged battery, now it struggles to last 24 hours with a brand new battery. This is even when i’m not even using the phone, it’s just on the table being idle. I’m not moving it, GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth and mobile data are all off.

I did the updates to beta8 and 9 hoping that would help to solve the issue, but it didn’t. I posted some messages about that in the Sailfish OS beta8 release topic.

So far i’ve seen nothing obvious in dmesg, no over-active processes in top, and i bought the new battery because i hoped that would help. Since i have some trouble with the sdcard from time to time i removed it to see if it makes a difference, and it didn’t.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to troubleshoot and solve this?

Thanks in advance.

It’s very difficult to debug the problem when I cannot reproduce the issue. Could you list all apps you have installed on the device? The log show no obvious reason for the wakeup from suspend, from the earlier journal log you gave the average suspend time was just less than 30 seconds which is a lot shorter than I have on my device, usually several minutes if the device is idle.

Good to see you here @mal.

These are the apps listed in the “My apps” section of the Jolla Store, i don’t have any apps from other stores:

  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • CodeReader
  • File Browser
  • Foil Auth *
  • GPSInfo
  • IRC
  • Media
  • Notes
  • OSM Scout
  • Recorder
  • Sailfish Utilities
  • SailTuner
  • SeaPrint *
  • Tidings
  • ViPiano *
  • WiFi Analyser

(*) I installed these apps after the problem started, so it’s unlikely to be the cause of the problem

I actually don’t really use the apps a lot (with some exceptions), so uninstalling to test if it helps is possible.

None of the apps look very bad. I assume none of those start automatically or that you don’t start those before testing battery life after reboot?

Doesn’t IRC require a constant connection, with constant data? If you’re on a lot of channels, the usage might get high. Just a thought.

@mal: I’m not aware of any automatic starts. As far as i know background processes are not allowed in Jolla Harbor apps. And indeed, when testing battery life i’m just booting it and do nothing.

@JeroenH: I just checked the iRC app, it requires me to manually connect when i start it. I used it to connect to a private IRC server with one channel. You are right that IRC (due to the pings between clients and servers) is horrible in power consumption when used over mobile data connections.

If there’s no obvious bad one in the list i could just start removing them one by one and see what happens.

So far i’ve deleted a few apps and there seems to be some progress. What i’m doing is:

  • Delete a few apps (usually 2 or 3 to speed things up a bit)
  • Reboot the phone so there’s also nothing left in memory
  • Monitor the battery for a few days

So far this is what i did:

  • Remove Foil Auth, ViPiano, Seaprint, Recorder, Tidings
  • Disabled CalDAV/CardDAV account(*)
  • Remove CodeReader, Tuner, Wifi Analyzer, GPSinfo, Sailfish Utilities

Battery life seems a bit longer since i last deleted Wifi Analizer, GPSinfo and Sailfish Utilities. If i have to take a guess which one makes the difference I’d guess it’s Sailfish Utilities.

(*) I noticed there is a bug in the GUI for this account type. I usually set sync to manual because i can only reach the server via VPN. Whenever i do that the setting always goes back to 2 times a day.

I’ll be monitoring for a few days so see what happens, so to be continued …

Ive removed almost all apps now, only calendar and notes are left (next to all default stuff that comes with SailfishOS). Besides the small increase in battery time described in my previous post, nothing happened.

So now i’m considering a complete re-install of SailfishOS. What would be the best way to do that? Of course i’ll start with a backup :slight_smile:

Have you tried just re-flashing Sailfish OS zip via TWRP or is this too simplistic?

I haven’t tried anything, i’m asking before i’m trying :slight_smile:
I’m not sure if the regular installation process applies.

After spending quite some time togerther with @mal on IRC the issue has been solved. Unfortunately the solution was a re-install, so we don’t actually know what caused it.

I’m planning to buy a new sdcard for my phone because my current one (Samsung EVO 32GB) gives a lot of problems, sometimes not detected at boot, sometimes it disappears at runtime, damaging the filesystem. Does anyone here have a suggestion for a 32 or 64 GB card which works fine with SailfishOS?

Is there a reason why you want to get such a small capacity one again? I don’t want to interfere if mal or someone else who is a much better expert than me recommended it, but if you are just going by the official Fairphone specs (which claim you could use just “up to 64 GB” ones), let me just say plenty of Fairphone users have used much larger capacity SD cards in FP2s. I have used a 400 GB one without issues (not much Sailfish OS experience though).

I think it’s funny you call them small … even the 32GB isn’t full, 64GB would already be overkill for my use :slight_smile:

Apart from that, i don’t really care about the capacity as long as the price is reasonable. My idea was to spend max. EUR 50 on a new one, i haven’t really checked what capacity that would buy me. The main reason why i’m asking is that my current sdcard is on that list and apparently doesn’t work that well and i really want a problem free one now :slight_smile:

ok, we probably have very different usage habits then. I don’t stream at all, so I have a ton of music on my SD card.

If you are sticking to 32 or 64 GB, you will probably get one for single digit prices now :wink:

With 50 euros you can buy 128GB for good quality and perhaps up to 256 or 400GB.

Indeed :slight_smile:

I’ve checked some prices and see what you mean :smile:

So regardless of capacity, who can tell me which card works flawlessly with a FP2 running SailfishOS?

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