Decline of OS / FP2?

Oct '21. I bought my FP2 in the beginning of 2019, after having used the FP1 for four years. It is now daily ‘failing’ me, as various apps sometimes stop working, get stuck or anything. After a restart, most will work again. But it happens too often, since last summer. Some examples:

  • I went abroad in august and my FP2 did not catch 4G anymore. It always did, so this problem was new for me. I visited this forum and the helpdesk of my provider, and got it fixed with a step-by-step instruction via Wifi connection.
  • My alarm clock is connected to Spotify, but Spotify does not play anymore via the alarm, since some months. Only the standard alarm jingle works.
  • A news app I use daily once in every few days just stops or fails to open any new article.
  • the bluetooth function is failing more often than it is working.

It does not seem a battery issue, the battery is still working fine. And of course, I have the latest OS update (21.08.1-rel.0). My overall feeling is that my FP2 ‘is getting old and towards its end’. I do not have any clue whether this is a HW or SW issue, or whether I just need a new FP… ?

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I would strongly suggest to check how “full” your FP2 storage is: Settings > Storage
(You might want to make a screenshot – hold POWER and VOLUME DOWN to make one – and then upload it here so we can give our opinion if there’s still enough storage space left or not)


Thanks @urs_lesse. Never thought about that… It is 81% (used storage). I will try to make a screenshot and drag it into here (I am not so clever with dragging pictures from my phone to my laptop :wink:

Sorry, the screenshot is in Dutch, but you might understand most


“Full” storages often make the system slow and draggy, but actually I think your storage usage is still somewhat in the “green” zone (Others here, feel free to offer different opinions). I would recommend though to not go much higher (photos can be easily kept on an SD card – just make sure you format the card as “portable”/“external” storage, NOT as “phone” storage/“internal”).

So there might be other problems, I hope others have some good ideas for those. :angel:


Thank you so much @urs_lesse ! I will remove photos and will buy a SD card. Hope that will help somewhat. Still open for other perspectives

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When it comes to functions connected to Spotify I tent to think that its Spotifys fault, the app deteriorated since a long time

So probably frequency bands changed or APN settings? At the end more a provider issue? Just wondering if you remember what settings you changes exactly?

Only 1 BT device or different?


Are there a lot of other devices using 2.4 GHz (WiFi, Bluetooth, …) in the vicinity? What version of Spotify is installed?

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Just in case you didn’t try this already:
you could clear the cache of the app (Settings > Apps … > Storage), or uninstall the app and install again.
[Edit] I see now that you’ve got problems with various apps, so it may be a ‘deeper’ issue indeed; still worth a try I’d say.


Hi Mariette19

Lots of good advice here, but to follow some of it you might feel more confident with a helping hand. I think you could hope to find a Fairphone Angel in the vicinity.

I would certainly follow the advice about moving your photos and videos to a SD card (as Urs says, formatted as external / portable memory). You only have 6Gb or so free and some apps may feel a bit short of space! The following article may be of help.

Your phone may be needing a cleaning of internal contacts. Here again a FPA might assist you.


Thanks @yvmuell Yvonne! Yes, I had to change APN settings. This thing did not happen before with the same provider, so I guess it was a FP2-provider interaction. No, I do not remember what settings I changed, only that it took a while :slight_smile:

Wrt the bluetooth, I have two devices, and bleutooth won’t work anymore on them

Well, do not know ‘a lot’, but I live with a partner and two teenage children, so quite some.
Spotify, I can not find version number. I always install new versions when available.

Thank you very much, @OldRoutard! SD-card I will definitively buy. And I will search for a nearby Angel :slight_smile:

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I am afraid so, but still thanks for your answer, @adrienneb !

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