SD Disk is nowhere to be seen - as if it doesn't exist

Hiya - I am off on holiday shortly, so I bought an SDisk 64gb (sandisk), formatted it with Fat32 . It is as if it doesn’t even exist. I downloaded the utility from Sandisk - and that app doesn’t see the sdisk either.

If Android from version 6 on encounters a new SD card, it asks you whether you want to keep it as external storage (which you could remove and use somewhere else) or whether you want it to be incorporated into Internal Storage, so theoretically you would have more storage for Apps and their data (but you couldn’t easily remove and use it somewhere else, and lurking in the forum long enough suggests this could invite other trouble, too).

If you chose the latter, you will not see the card in a file manager or via USB, but its storage space will be added to the phone’s internal memory. You would see that somewhere where the free memory gets displayed (some file manager or the settings).

Else …
Turn off the phone, remove the SD card.
(If possible, check whether it works in a PC or Notebook.)
Put the SD card into the phone again, turn the phone on again.
Try again.


What´s your hardware configuration?

Where, a computer? SD card reader? Which OS?

Generally (any) card should be formated directly in the phone using the Android format option at ->settings->storage->erase SD card.
Try reading through this.

If it happens that it´s not recognised at all by a conventional computer/reader maybe it´s faulty and also there is a noticeable amount of fake sd cards on the market also among brand types. If you like to read more about this little known fact.

To reveal those you could try the freeware windows tool “h2testw_1.4”.

Furthermore in some rare cases it could be that there is no partition available and the card is totally blank (maybe raw formated).
Here you have to use a partitioning tool such as e.g. Easus Partition Manager.
Maybe Windows 7+ offers such a tool as well meanwhile.

Have a look through this list. Most Sandisk cards should work flawless, see if yours is listed here as compatible.

A bit quicker again…seems like my keyboard meanwhile outperforms my old machine with outworn 2x2GHz cpu…:rofl:


Factory standard? I bought the phone only 8 weeks ago, and the only change was adding the sdisk

Oh, well. I derived from the headline “SD Disk is nowhere to be seen” that you´ve already tested it by other options as well. So it obviously was my misinterpretation.
Another confusing thing, Lollipop formats external storage with Fat32 only while Marshmallow uses exfat afaik.

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