Sd card ist often not recognized

I have a Problem with my sd Card. First it properly works. Now from one second to the other the sd Card is not recognized and I can’t use it. Some minutes later it works again without Problems. thath’s boring. Can anybody help me?


Do you have more data?
Age of the card?
Type (manufacturer, size)?
Also tried it in a computer?

See if it is listed here

If possible backup the data and reformat it in the phone. Also have a read here.


Hi there,

You may check this:


Then I notice the sd card was using the file system NTFS

Which makes me wonder anyway as I wasn´t aware that NTFS was shipped generally with media other than if being used by Windows.
I have never pre-checked any sd card or HD for which fs is on it. Usually formating and/or partitioning is my very first step.
Again this shows how vital it is to do so, as using media fresh out the pack without any further action may rise unexpected troubles some time later.


Which brand is it from?

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