Sd card and standard os

Ask Google. Restrictions in SD-card usage are a feature of the Android security model.
Though spoilers: Google will tell you to ask the app developer - as their security model provides ways in which apps can request access to (part of) the SD card.



my wife has android 5.1.1
my daughter has android 5.0.1

both have no problem for reading and writing the sd card.
In settings they have the possibility for internal storage or sd-card has standard.

So it is possible

can fairphone adapt their settings ?



@marky did you get any kind of message when you inserted the SD card for the first time? Something like “Do you want to use this card as an extended internal memory or as external SD?” If so, what did you choose?
And what filemanager do you use? There are probably some out there which don’t work with SD cards.
Was the SD card new or maybe already formatted in a windows format (NTFS) with data on it?

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In addition to the points in the post above, one of the Motorola admins has posted a useful overview of SD card options in Android 6:

What configuration is most sensible depends very much on what you actually want to do (which isn’t clear from your post). In addition to the table in the link above, note that access to portable SD cards for media storage needs to be configured app-by-app, and needs to be supported by the app in question. I’m not sure whether the default camera app has this option.

If you want to contact Fairphone, you’ll need to file a support request. They appear to be busy, so it may take a couple of weeks before you get a response.

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So, android has done a step backwards.
that is not very good.

But the initial remark stays :
In the technical specifications of the phone there is : sd card expand until 64gb.
So when you put an sd card then suddenly the sd isn’t standard writable… !!

fairphone should mention on their site, that the sd card will not work with standard fairphone app’s.
And give then a list of app’s which have access at sd-cards.

and even better and how it should be is that fairphone install standard app’s which have the possibility
for writing and reading an sd card.

So can-will fairphone change there standard aps.
Because i image that there are other people with the same problems-questions?



@marky I want to help you, but if you don’t answer my questions it’s hard for me to do so :confused:

Hallo (again) :slight_smile:

I haven been in contact with the support. And it take’s indeed an very long time before they answer.
Phoning them is a better option.

At last they suggested to install open camera.
I installed the app and this app has indeed write permission at sd card. It works.

but the standard foto app (for watching the foto’s), doesn’t show the pictures from the sd card at the
screen. Sd picture’s can be seen with the folder : device folder on left slide menu.

How can i see the pictures immediately like pictures from standard storage. How do i do this.
or have i to install anther app and which one

(or will fairphone change there standard app’s) :slight_smile:



Fairphone comes with standard Android 6.0, adding hardly any “FP-flavour”.
That’s part of the fair deal; not forcing customers to some non-free software, instead letting them chose what they need and are willing to install.
So, you are not complaining about Fairphone at all, but about Android.

If you are in fact complaining about unusal SD-card behaviour:
What about the questions posted by @Stanzi?
Have you been asked how to handle the SD-card (internal storage/mobile card)?
What did you do?

And finally:
There are quite a lot of different SD-Cards out there; some of them do cause trouble with some devices.
Take a look at this thread:


the sd is an new one.
its a : scan disk ultra 64 gb sdxl uhs-1

i formatted it has an external sd on the phone.
I installed assus filemanager at the phone.
Assus recognize the sd card.
The internal browser from the fairephone recognize the sd cad also.
I can copy files from internal to external card with both browsers.
So the card is recognized, i think


when a take a picture with open camera on the sd card and then i want to download to my pc give problems.

i connect the pfone with usb to my pc. I activate usb-mtp for downloading.
i can see internal ad external card from the phone at the pc
But the picture taken with open camera are 0 bytes.
On the phone they have there originally bytes.

i shutdown the phone
I took out te sd card and put it directly in te pc. No problem now. The picture’s and there original
size are there.

I put the card bac in de phone. same thing.

I did different test and found out that

shutdown the phone
take out the card
start the phone without sd card.
shutdown the phone
put the sd card in
start the phone
connect to the pc and now the picture’s have there original size.

that’s is not workable

so what alo works

menu : settings\storage and usb
click at scan disk-sd cart flesh pointing to above
message : scan disk has been ejected
click at scandisk : message ; sd card link
click : link
Connect the phone with usb with the pc and the pictures have there original size

what can this be



Your problem has been discussed already:

@Irina_Spitznagel in post no 18 has linked to a possible solution:

According to this link it seems to be an android problem as well:

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Go to Settings --> Apps, choose in the three dot menu “Show system”, and delete data and cache for the apps “External Storage” and “Media Storage”. Then reboot the phone.

how van i delete data and casche for those 2 app’s.
Sorry, but i don’t see an option delete cashe in the app…




  • Apps
    … (three-dot menu; like you posted)
    • Tap on Storage

Then you should get those options.

Yes, SD card support in Android is a mess, ever has been and basically changes with every version. But there is nothing Fairphone can do about it. They really deserve a lot of criticism for many things, but this is not one of them. That’s like bashing a laptop manufacturer for some Windows quirks.

On topic: As Johannes pointed out, the most suitable formatting method depends on your requirements. If you want maximum compatibility with apps, you should adopt the SD card (format it as internal storage) and migrate your data to it. That’s the configuration I’ve been using since the Android 6 upgrade. I’ve never had issues with any app not being able to use it ever since. That includes the stock camera.



i did the reset, took a picture with open camera.
on the phone sd-card the picture have there normal size
Connect the phone with usb with the pc
Foto’ are 0 kb

it didn’ t work

i unlinked, and linked the sd card
then de file’s had the normal size

other things that i can dot for resolving this




someone an idee for solving this



Didn’t you say unlinking and linking again solved your problem?


yes, it does

but, when ik take an new photo, and i connect the phone to the pc it is 0 kb.
I have to do unlink, link every time i will copy new picture’s

so, if someone know a definitive solution



Oh :confused: Did you try to format the SD card? (make sure to make a backup first!)

Yes, i did

i formatted also at the pc.
it didn’t help.

then formatted again at the phone
same thing



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