Porting LineageOS to FP2

Edit by @Stefan: This is a wiki post, feel free to edit and improve it :pencil2: . It was started by @jnsp.

Thanks to @z3ntu and @chrmhoffmann we have an almost fully working Lineage OS port for the Fairphone 2.

Lineage OS

:file_folder: Download

Version history:

Unmaintained chrmhoffmann releases * v14.1.3 with filename [`lineage_FP2-ota-2017-06-14.zip`](https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=673368273298963946) * v14.1.4 with filename [`lineage-14.1-20170708-UNOFFICIAL-FP2.zip`](https://fp2.joutubes.nl/builds/full/lineage-14.1-20170708-UNOFFICIAL-FP2.zip) * v14.1.5 with filename [`lineage-14.1-20170731-UNOFFICIAL-FP2.zip`](https://fp2.joutubes.nl/builds/full/lineage-14.1-20170731-UNOFFICIAL-FP2.zip) * v14.1.6 with filename [`lineage-14.1-20170803-UNOFFICIAL-FP2.zip`](https://fp2.joutubes.nl/builds/full/lineage-14.1-20170803-UNOFFICIAL-FP2.zip)

The WeAreFairphone community on Github provides builds with OTA updates.
Check here for the latest build.

Google Apps like Play Store

Google Apps like the Play Store are not distrubuted with Lineage OS, you can install them manually. See this website for more information.

Modem firmware

The modem firmware is required for LTE and telephony to work, it is already on your phone and comes bundled with the offical Fairphone OS. If you don’t use the official Fairphone OS, you won’t receive security updates and bugfixes for it. You can update your modem firmware manually with the zip we provided below.

:file_folder: Download latest modem firmware as flashable zip from here.

Version history:

Install Lineage OS with TWRP recovery

To get LineageOS on your phone you need to flash it through TWRP recovery.

:file_folder: Instructions and latest official build from @z3ntu here.

What is working so far

:white_check_mark: Touchscreen
:white_check_mark: Buttons
:white_check_mark: Charging
:white_check_mark: Cameras
:white_check_mark: WiFi/Bluetooth/LTE/DualSIM
:white_check_mark: USB
:white_check_mark: GPS
:white_check_mark: Telephony
:white_check_mark: Audio
:white_check_mark: Sensors
:white_check_mark: Notification LED
:white_check_mark: Tethering
:white_check_mark: FM Radio
:white_check_mark: Device encryption (Android’s encryption of /data partition)

What is not working yet

There are no :negative_squared_cross_mark: now!

List of known bugs

See the Taiga bugtracker


:warning: Proximity sensor does not work for some users, resulting in dead screens during phone calls. This is a general firmware/hardware issue that has been resolved in FP OS and FP Open by the Fairphone sensor recalibration tool, which has not been released for LineageOS (yet?). See the discussion here.

Howto compile your own version

Follow the instructions from this thread and apply the local manifest file from this post.

How to contribute to development

Post here or in the public WeAreFairphone chatrooms on Matrix or IRC (#fairphone) and we will add you to WeAreFairphone on Github. You will benefit from an automated build server that is set up there.

Original post by @z3ntu I'm just gonna leave this here ;)

EDIT: List of what works and what doesn’t:

What works
Power & volume buttnos

What doesn’t work
Camera (front&back)
Everything else you can think of

Some timings I have recorded:

first boot:
after 14s: boot animation
after 1m 45s: initial setup

2nd boot:
after 14s: boot animation
after 1m 5s: lockscreen

Pressing “Restart” until vibration: 3s


AND IT BOOOOOOOOOOOOTS :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada:



Hereby and higly official I declare you Hero of the day!





Wow, i have never thought that i will see lineage os on a fp :sweat_smile:
well done!


Great job! :+1: finally you made it!


Awesome job!
Are you working on this alone? I’d be happy to help out of some sort, although I haven’t done really anything when it comes to custom OS development.

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Well the things left are getting all hardware (listed in the post before under What doesn’t work) functions to work. I probably think that my kernel has some problems to I hope Fairphone is releasing their 6.0 sources soon so I can use them (+ some patches).

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Can I (we) help you in some way?
I’m not a developer and I do not have experience with OS development, but I can understand source code.
Since both firefox os aka b2g and ubuntu touch are officially died (even if the community is taking care of them and I’m following the corresponding telegram group), Lineage OS is the only way to have an updated and open source OS.

Tell Fairphone that they should release the 6.0 kernel source ^^


Why should not they do so?

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Because that post was too many weeks ago. Edit: maybe that post is in the private section of the forum so maybe you don’t see it.

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@z3ntu: can you tell us (the ones who can’t see the post) what the post is saying? Or is it a secret?

and like @erotavlas already said, there are not much other options for people who want an open and secure os running on their fp2 for many years…
ubuntu: well they might continue, but it’s a quite a big job to rescue it…
jolla: I gave up waiting, that jolla and fp agree on something and I want android-app support, without it jolla is unfortunately no solution to me…
and yeah, there are more OSes, but I guess nothing as serious as lineageOS

anyway… why not setting up a simple page similar to the ut4fp with a funding option? I would definately fund you or the team right away!
so let’s concentrate on one solution which can satisfy almost everyone? I would create some kind of page, but unfortunately I don’t know how…

@z3ntu: did you achieve your work all alone? maybe there are some people at lineageOS who are interested in helping you out? I have a lot of respect for your work, but know that if you work in a team, it’s much more fun and if someone gets stuck, maybe someone else can already help out, because he already had to find a solution for a similar problem and so on…


Yes, the getting-stuff-to-work part was done by me. I was basing that stuff off the CyanogenMod 12.1 port (which was never working) but I had to fix a lot of issues in very different parts of the boot process.

So you mean I should setup a patreon page for the LineageOS port?


Yes, it would be very interesting. A sort of crowd founding campaign in order to have a working Lineage OS 14.1, I think it would be financed soon. We have to try and see what will happen.


Well, it would be cool if you could setup a page, but of course you never should do it. If you think the idea would be cool and is easy going: go for it.

I guess the page would find more support(people, finances,…) than a thread in the fairphone forum. Well, that’s just a guess…

That’s great news, @z3ntu! Got one big milestone down.

I’m in the process of setting up a build machine and will hopefully be able to reproduce your build over the next couple of days.

Keep us posted on any progress in the meantime!


For those who really want to give me money :grinning: https://www.patreon.com/z3ntu


I feel this deserved a more prominent spot so I made it into a new thread and added it to the #oslist.


About what that post says (forgot about sending that):

(am too lazy to crop right now)

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