Porting LineageOS to FP2

Tethering works! Good job @chrmhoffmann !


I can also confirm, no charging LED and no UPnP.
And there’s the wrong MAC, but that is already known.
The system runs pretty good.

Do you plan to add the patches for UnifiedNLP?

I have updated the modem firmware to 17.06.4 release from Fairphoen Open. I have not added any output to the script this time, so don’t worry if it says something like “script result was [t]”.

See first post for download links.

SHA256: cd4aadcec695e7971d04a4cb47c454ad345b4d179952fde589cc21367d2739a5

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Does it look as if I would plan anything?


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I don’t know. CM supported it in the past. Lineage doesn’t. The patches are there, but they did not apply them. Can’t you apply them, or has this to be done in the Lineage maintree?

Just a modest proposal: Wouldn’t it be more accurate to split “sensors” in the first post of this thread instead of just generally ticking them? I think quite a few people are having issues with the proximity sensor and dead screens during phone calls in Lineage OS. I know that this also used to be a problem on FPOS and FP Open, however, the problem seemed to be resolved in later versions… Opinions?

Fairphone should release the source code of their sensor recalibration tool so it can be e.g. released on F-Droid.


I absolutely agree with @paulakreuzer , however, that still does not solve the problem that the wiki post is somehow misleading. For me it is one of the major annoyances, so, wouldn’t it be fair to warn users in advance? Perhaps we could add something like: “due to missing recalibration tool”?

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It’s a wiki, so you can add the bug to the list yourself.
I wouldn’t change the entry that says that the Sensors are working though. They are all working in general. And just like with FP (Open) OS the proximity sensor bug doesn’t affect everyone (I never had the issue on any OS).

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According to this there are Android devices which do a proximity sensor test after dialing *#*#0588#*#* … with Fairphone OpenOS 17.06.4 nothing happens (while *#*#4636#*#* indeed gives a test menu).

Perhaps there’s something to find in the AOSP sources that does the proximity sensor test that way, but Fairphone don’t implement it? (Yes, I have no clue at all, it’s my mischief and mayhem day.)


Added the issue to the list of known bugs…

I disagree. The proximity sensor bug is not specific to the LineageOS port but a general firmware/hardware issue that affects all OSes. It is not a thing porters should fix, so it shouldn’t be there.

It should be mentioned in a warning and linked to the issue thread in the forum, though.

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You can list and execute all the available “hidden menu” codes with Secret Codes (Secret code scanner).


Chris’s goal is to have a clean port of LineageOS to the FP2 that can be submited as official (which is the best way to go, IMO). Any change to the OS itself is not allowed.
But… surely it can be done on the community build, :wink:


Who needs them to release source code when you can decompile the app :wink: I have a re-compiled version running on my phone (Lineage of course) but there are still a few permission problems due to the app not being a system app. (have never developed an app that uses superuser stuff :smiley: but I have to put that into the app to work properly probably)

EDIT: It’s harder than it seems… I’ll probably not spend the time doing it, sorry :confused: Developing a system app seems to be not really possible easily and it’s also way too complicated with su :frowning:


I can relate to your arguments so I changed the wiki accordingly. If there is anyone who is unhappy with that solution, please feel free to edit…

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I actualy don’t know how it happend, but suddenly works my proximity sensor during calls. I cleaned it, so I removed once tbe display. I’m on version 14.1.3.

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Encryption and FM radio should be fixed now.

I can currently not upload a new build (due to my ADSL line down), but I guess most people rely on the wearefairphone builds that should get the changes soon.



What’s missing to make FP2 an official LOS device? :slight_smile: