Noisy coloured pixels on my Fairphone 2

… there is the same problem with my Faiphone, but its the Fairphone 2…

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Thanks for moving the post.
After a trial and error search I couldn’t see anything on my display BUT the FP2 works and has started and I can call the phone!!!
Arrg, I think that means my display is broken / not connected without doing anything…

Did you try taking it off and reassembling again?

“Did you try to turn it on and off again?” :joy:

Today I will take it off and reassemble again and see if this could work.
I will write here again if I tried this.

So, after disassembling the display and reassembling it, it worked like before.
Sometimes the screen ist blinking, but the phone works again and I can use it! Puh.
I hope the display works ok for the next time.

I think this was a hardware bug, but I think the software has also problems with the display at some time.


Maybe there is dust between the connectors.

we had a similar problem with the FP1.
Cleaning display data socket and pushing the connector firmly in place solved the problem:

Happens this morning again, and cleaning did not help. Anything else what I can do?

I was hit by murphy’s law. After I wrote the support because the phone didn’t worked at all I played a little bit around and found a strange behavior that fixed the issue so far. What I did was to reassemble the phone completely after I dismounted the display and cleaned the connections before. Then I gently twisted the phone. Since then it is working again and I hope it last for the next years. I cannot explain this behavior but I guess some connections were not at the correct position and this twist moved it in proper position.



I have the fairphone 2 and i have a weird issue with my screen. For a few days now, it randomly, once in a while, gets totally weird, with static noise, and the home screen moving just like if i was in a bad tv show and my device was hacked by some random crypto-terro-hackers…

I would have joined a screenshot, but when i’m able to get a screenshot, it captures the « normal » screen. A picture with another camera would have been possible, but now the problem has worsened.

Since yesterday the phone works every now and then, the rest of the time, it’s just random color pixels all over the screen, similar to the « snow » we had on old cathodic TV sets.

Yesterday, i could force-reboot the phone and it worked again for a time, today it’s totally unusable, apart for a few minutes at a time. :frowning:

I tried to dissemble and reassemble the phone after cleaning it, didn’t change a thing…

I seriously have no idea as to what might cause it, hardware, software, connections, but right now, i have a brick with random shiny lights…

I didn’t find anything with the search option, but, writing this here, it showed me a similar problem in th FP1 forum (which, honestly, i didn’t bother to search…)

I submitted a support ticket, but as i saw that the response could be quite long, i was wondering if someone around here had had the same problem and had found a solution.

Thanks in advance, have a nice day!

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I’d suggest the same thing for the FP2 as was suggested for the FP1: a hard reset. ( :warning: deletes everything)
If that doesn’t help than only support will be able to help you. They are flooded atm, but you can get in touch with them via telephone or you can send @anon48893843 a PM.

PS: I just found this topic with the same problem and moved our posts here.


hey! I got the same Issue, ~2 weeks ago for the first time. yesterday, all of a sudden the phone/display-unit got completely broken, as the display only shows some noisy pixles and/or completely brightness.

I wrote a message to the fairphone support with a few pictures and videos and describing the problem, and I think it would be good if you also get in contact with them, as this problem looks like a malfunction. As I am getting a reply from the Fairphone support, I’ll let you know


@Eisfuchs : i sent them a message, yes. Thanks for the advice.

I tried again today to disassemble it, this time totally (well, the screen and the 4 modules), cleaning the connectors as best as i could, and then assembling it again. It didn’t change anything…

@gurix : what do you mean by “gently twisted the phone”? like turning it around, or shaking it, like a polaroid picture (but gently :wink: ). Sorry, english is not my first language, so the subtlety of it escapes me sometimes…

@paulakreuzer : thanks for moving my post, i didn’t search thoroughly enough… A hard reset is a desperate measure i would like to wait before i resort to it, i have some unsynchronized stuff on my phone.

Hi everyone!

I received my FairPhone 2 like two weeks ago. A few days after receiving it & installing the SIM cards, I had this strange multi-pixels screen (like the photo above). After some reboot, the normal screen came back. Today, it remained with this bad screen… I took off the battery, charge it, etc. Nothing happened…

I don’t know what to do. The FairPhone is just brand new… don’t understand… So sad :frowning:

What can I do?

Thank you . Guillaume.

I moved your post here because the other topic was about FP1.

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Hi Stavro, I have this same issue with my phone, and the twist works for me too, although not reliably. Basically, when the coloured pixel screen is showing, hold the bottom of the phone in one hand and gently twist the top of the phone. Normally a little bit of pressure brings the screen back to normal. To me this indicates a hardware issue, which is disappointing. Ill be contacting support today.


I just tried that, rebooted my phone, and, for the time being, it seems to work. But i find it weird, to be honest, to have to twist it back to function :no_mouth: It can “work” a few days, but on the long term…

Now that i have some access to my phone, i think i’ll try the hard reset tomorrow. I’ll tell you how it worked.


Small update.

I have now access to my phone, but half of the time i have to really insist to wake up the screen. the problem got back to my first problem, static noise and unstable image.
When i’m able to get a screenshot, it doesn’t take the image of the screen, but of what the CPU sends to the screen. So i really think it’s either a connector problem, or a screen problem. I’ll still try the hard reset, but with little hope. Guess i’ll have to wait for the support.

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Yeah, it’s not exactly a long-term solution! My phone was really bad this morning. But it’s been OK since I switched off adaptive brightness and daydream. Might just be a coincidence…

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