Display problem - whole screen filled with noisy pixels of different colors

My fairphone doesn’t work anymore. This is the only thing i see. I’ve removed the battery, switched sim cards, try to let it rest for while. Nothing Works. Can anybody help me?

I have no idea what this is, but I think I would disassemble the phone (i.e. take off the display part) and put it together again. Maybe a hardware connection fail?

We have had exactly the same problem with a member of our German-language Facebook group Fairphone-Freunde last week. I’ve asked her back now if she has been able to fix it herself or whether support has provided a solution.

Another member there suggested removing the battery and putting it back and recommended to charge the battery with the phone not turned on again before it’s fully charged again, but I guess this is basically what you already tried.

Thanks for the advice. I took off the display part and saw that there was a lot of dust. I’ve cleaned everything, but unfortunately that didn’t do the trick.

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Am curious about the other member who’s got the same problem.

I don’t believe it’s a coincident that you have this strange problem AND a lot of dust inside your phone. I believe either there is still some dust left (which you don’t see) and it’s causing the problem or both the dust and the screen issue have the same cause, e.g. something is not assembled right and causing your phone to be leaky and connections to be loose.

Anyways I’d contact Support.

Hi everybody,

I am trying to fix a faulty display and I was hoping someone in the forum might have seen something similar before:
The display shows only colourful noisy pixels - on the complete screen - see the attached picture.

Besides that the phone appears to be functional (i.e., it reacts to the switch on/off buttton).
Has anyone experienced/seen something similar?
I wonder if the error is related to a faulty cable connection. So I am contemplating to take the phone apart and make sure that all cables are properly attached (follow the ifixit instructions to “replace” the display).
Any input if this makes sense - or other suggestions - are very welcome!
Thanks, everybody!

This problem was already reported before 9 days by another user. A solution was not found yet.

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I moved your post here and copied your title so it’s easier to find. (What’s wrong with my phone, wasn’t very specific)

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Thanks, Paul! I searched the forum, but didn’t find this post. Great you had the overview and merged the posts. Cheers!

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I am having the same issue. First I thought it was a software problem because it disappeared as fast as it was there. The last time I opened the display and it was getting so worse that I could not use the phone again. Then I cleaned the every contacts and now it is working again. I hope it will last.


thanks for letting us know, gurix!
I will try the same.

I reckon a loose display data cable could be the reason for this.
Cleaning the connector and pushing the display data cable into its socket solved the problem for me.
I followed this guide to take the phone apart and get to the display data cable:

Note: make sure not to break the rear-facing camera when disassembling the phone (see comments in the guide - step 18 & 19 ).

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Thanks just realized, that I was in the FP1 thing but I am having a FP2. Sorry for the mess.

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@bart_van_oort Does the following solve your problem too?

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Hi Stefan,

I’ve tried this before. But I will try it again and pay more intention to cleaning the display data socket. Will let you know if it helped! Thanks so far!


A short update:
Unfortunately, pushing the display data cable into its socket solved the problem only for a few days.
Now the connection between the board and the display assembly is sometimes lost - and the noise screen returns.
Pinching the phone at the location where the display data connector is brings back the screen and the phone can be used again.
Until the cable drops out again… so unfortunately, the problem is not solved yet.

In that cas you schould contact support to get a replacement phone.

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